General rules

All drivers must present a valid truck driving license.

All drivers must pass the alcohol test performed, prior to competition start (0.00%).

Seat belt must be worn at all times whilst driving.

Smoking is prohibited in the vehicles (use designated smoking areas).

Use of mobile phones is prohibited during driving.

Changing of vehicle settings is prohibited. This includes – but is not limited to – climate control, vehicle functions and display settings.

All staff instructions must be followed.

All traffic rules must be followed during the entire route (speed limits, clear and complete stop at Stop signs etc).

Who wins?

The winner is determined by a combination of low fuel consumption and completing the route within an allotted time.

Fuel consumption is measured by Dynafleet (to two decimal places, X.XX litres) and time is taken by the referees’ stop watches (mm:ss).

The timing starts when the engine is turned on (not during engine cranking) and is measured until the engine is turned off.

Driving Rules

At the signal from the referee, the contestant starts the engine and begins to drive.

No misuse of I-Shift:

- The I-Shift lever must not be placed into neutral (N) whilst the vehicle is in motion.

- Drivers must not change the automatically selected starting gear.

No unsafe driving permitted (speeding in corners, erratic driving, leaving track area, colliding with cones etc).

During a “straight section”, the driver must reach a minimum speed (e.g. 60 km/h or 80 km/h). 

The engine can only be switched off when the vehicle has come to a safe and complete stop and the I-Shift lever is placed in neutral (N). The driver must ensure that the parking brake is applied.

Judges rule is final. 

Failure to comply with any of the rules stipulated will result in disqualification from the event and no result will be presented for the driving round.

Time and fuel penalty – calculation examples

The allotted time to complete the entire route in an efficient and safe manner is set to 12 minutes and 10 seconds. 5% of 12 minutes and 10 seconds = 37 seconds

This means:

Drivers completing the round in maximum 12:10: receive no fuel penalty.

Drivers completing the round in 12:11–12:47: receive a 10% fuel penalty.

Drivers completing the round in 12:48–: receive a 20% fuel penalty.

How do you calculate the fuel penalty?

If your fuel consumption is 3.62 litres and you receive a 10% fuel penalty, your final fuel result is 3.98 litres (+0.36 litres).

If your fuel consumption is 3.62 litres and you receive a 20% fuel penalty, your final fuel result is 4.34 litres (+0.72 litres).


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