‘I can see enormous potential in using Dynafleet’. We live in a world where we struggle to make the most of our time, find the right information and work effectively. The shift to digitalisations has enabled us to sit back, and monitor our business operations at a single glance. Me & my team get to access our fleet and fuel information instantly, compare your drivers’ fuel scores in seconds and make important decisions on the move. He also added “as the fuel consumption can be monitored on a day-to-day basis, it has helped greatly while filing tenders, because with manual filing the actual fuel efficiency can never be measured accurately”. 

- Mr. V R Ramu, Director, Chennai Radha Engineering Works (P) Ltd

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“Our organisation structure and deliverable was almost perfect, until one day our team took part in the Volvo Trucks Fuelwatch competition in the year 2017. The driver came in second from last and that left us appalled and it was a wakeup call. We were advised to activate the Dynafleet App, to help us monitor the performance at site and also the driving habits of the drivers. As a first step, we immediately did the same, and also actioned a few other things on the side. Second being, having our own set of Driver Trainers who are trained by Volvo, worked together with every single driver at the site for a period of 2 years and the fuel efficiency improved by 0.2 kmpl to 0.3 kmpl, which translates into 25% saving. With Dynafleet we are even able to assess the performance at various sites and it helps to align the low performing sites with the high performing ones with corrective measures”.

- Mr. Sarup Agarwal, Vice President, Ambey Mining Pvt. Ltd.