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Small changes. Big gains 

Driver Development

The way you drive impacts your truck, its performance and your bottom line. Small changes make a big difference. Our training courses help you make the right changes. They teach you how to save fuel, save lives and get the very best from your truck.  

Improve your bottom line

The quickest and easiest way to improve your bottom line is by changing driving habits. By improving the way you accelerate and brake the truck and utilizing the trucks feature you can save up to 10% of fuel, instantly. Increasing safety and avoiding accidents and reducing wear and tear will save even more money and time.

Our courses are carefully designed to teach drivers how they can best utilise the features and services of the truck, but also improve industry knowledge, all helping to handle the vehicle more fuel efficiently, safer and smarter, which increases productivity.

Advice that pays off

Based on decades of Volvo research and experience, and led by specialist instructors, our training courses combine theory and practical coaching. Our training trucks are fitted with the latest fuel saving and safety technology. And each course can be shaped to your needs – or the needs of your company.

Each course is 7 hours long and is built to fulfill the 35 hour Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) requirements.

  • Courses are based on decades of research and experience
  • You’ll see instant improvements in fuel economy, safety and wear and tear
  • Courses meet EU legislations (valid for CPC)
  • Our training trucks use the latest features and services
  • Instructors are skilled Volvo Truck specialists
  • Additional services like Dynafleet and Fuel Advice help boost your results
  • Courses are regularly updated so you stay ahead the competition.

Six courses. Endless results 

Efficient driving

Learn how to save up to 10% fuel.

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Safe driving 

Avoid accidents and minimize risk.

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Transport business and legislation 

Improve your understanding of the industry, and your role in it.

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Health and first aid

Learn how to save lives and maintain a healthy lifestyle

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Secure transport 

Improve load position, load security and avoid theft.

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Working in construction 

Improve safety on site, reduce standstills and lower repair costs.

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Get the most from your truck 

The more you know about your truck, the more you'll get from it. Our driver handbooks contain information on operation and maintenance, safety features, instruments and controls.

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Booking your course

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can help you find and book the course that’s right for you.