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Maximize your truck uptime with Genuine Volvo Service  And Volvo Service Contracts

Vehicle Care


At Volvo Trucks, our first priority is to keep your trucks on the road and available for work. Every truck requires service and repairs during its life-cycle to maintain peak performance and reliability. Planned downtime for service and repairs minimizes standstills, helps extend service intervals, and saves time and money. Thanks to Volvo Trucks advanced telematics and diagnostics tools, we can remotely monitor the health of the trucks, and plan and prepare the visit to the workshop for more optimized and efficient service. This means that you can enjoy greater uptime, better fuel efficiency, and smarter services.

Our worldwide dealer network and connected services means you are never far away from the quality care and maintenance you expect. Should an unplanned stop occur, our skilled, certified technicians will be prepared to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. In other words, Volvo Trucks has the muscles in all areas to provide the best service possible, and make sure your trucks stay where they belong – on the road.


All service operations are performed by skilled and Volvo trained technicians.


With over 2000 dealers and workshops in over 130 countries you are never far from the support you need.


If something unexpected should occur we are stand-by to get you up and running again.

Volvo Service Contracts

Volvo Service Contracts offer three different servicing and repair alternatives giving you the flexibility, economy and control to maximize the potential of your truck fleet.

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Genuine Volvo Service

Doing it right the first time. All service work is performed by skilled technicians at an authorized workshop and carried out using the correct equipment and Volvo Genuine Parts.

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Volvo Action Service

If there’s an unplanned stop out on the road, you are never alone. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Service planning

Planning ahead always pays off. A service plan minimizes the risk of an unplanned stop.

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Software Upgrades

Upgrade for new demands, changed conditions, to improve driver efficiency and much more.

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I-shift upgrades

The I-Shift upgrades lets you tailor your software to suit your specific driving conditions.

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From finding the right part to repairing or servicing your truck, your local Volvo Trucks dealer is here to help. Give us a call – or better yet pay us a visit.