We have trained over 90,000 drivers in India

At Volvo, we understand that the best driving practices are critical to efficiency, productivity and safety in the transportation industry. We started the driver training center even before we rolled out the first Volvo truck in India. Till date, we have trained over 90,000 commercial vehicle drivers, including over 45,000 truck drivers, making them better not only to improve efficiency and productivity, but also to ensure safety for themselves and for the people and vehicles around.

Training provides instant tangible results

Improve your bottom line

The quickest and easiest way to improve your bottom line is by changing driving habits. By improving the way you accelerate and brake the truck and utilizing the trucks feature you can save up to 10% of fuel, instantly. Increasing safety and avoiding accidents and reducing wear and tear will save even more money and time.

Our courses are carefully designed to teach drivers how they can best utilise the features and services of the truck, but also improve industry knowledge, all helping to handle the vehicle more fuel efficiently, safer and smarter, which increases productivity.

Training combines theory with practical coaching

Advice that pays off

Based on decades of Volvo research and experience, and led by specialist instructors, our training courses combine theory and practical coaching. Our training trucks are fitted with the latest fuel saving and safety technology. And each course can be shaped to your needs – or the needs of your company.

Courses Benefits

  • Courses are based on decades of research and experience
  • You’ll see instant improvements in fuel economy, safety and wear and tear
  • Our training trucks use the latest features and services
  • Instructors are skilled Volvo Truck specialists
  • Additional services like Dynafleet and Fuel Advice help boost your results
  • Courses are regularly updated, so you stay ahead of the competition.

How to Apply to our courses

Send your application (refer pdf file) to: 

Hari Babu
Customer Training Manager
Volvo Trucks, Driver Training Center
VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd
Yelachahally, Tavarekere Post
Hosakote Taluk, Bangalore 562 122 
Phone: +91 80 6691 4202
email: hbabu@volvo.in

Driver Training Helpdesk: Phones:  80 6691 4169, 4326 


Pre-requisite & Qualifications required:

  • Valid HPV/HTC license from RTO
  • 3-5 years of HCV driving experience
  • Basic understanding of English language
  • Able to at least read and write in any other local language
  • Physically fit and have a good eyesight.

Booking your course

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can help you find and book the course that’s right for you.

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