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Fleet Management System - DynaFleet

Dynafleet. Showing Profit

Precision. That's what Volvo Trucks' fleet management system Dynafleet brings to your business. At any given time you can see the exact location and status of your trucks and drivers, which makes it easy to trace deliveries to your customers. You can precisely understand how productively the trucks are operated and how fuel is consumed in the trucks, which will help you in taking actions to get superior productivity with lesser fuel. Ready to get started?

Dynafleet - Showing Profit

Connect your business

As the proud owner of your new Volvo, you get more than just a great truck, you get all new way of operating the fleet to make the business more productive and profitable.

No more fuel wasted

Do you know how fuel efficient your drivers are? And why one is succeeding so much better than the other? The Fuel & Environment service saves you a lot of time analysing vehicle and driver data – and helps you find ways to cut both fuel costs and emissions.

Map out the whole fleet

No more phone calls or guessing. With the Dynafleet Positioning service, all the information that was difficult to get hold of before is now presented up front. Where is the truck at present? When will the driver arrive? Give this service two weeks, and you'll wonder how you where ever able to work without it.

Problems Dynafleet solves

Excessive consumption of fuel and time are the major impact on your business, that are caused by the way the trucks are operated and the fleet is monitored. Dynafleet answers your question – How do I get more from less?

Dynafleet app

The Dynafleet app provides constant updates on the performance of your trucks and drivers – wherever you are. This makes it possible to easily pinpoint critical data and take immediate actions for reduced costs and better vehicle usage.