Fuel and Environment helps you make savings and lower CO2

Fuel and Environment

Who’s your most fuel efficient driver? And who needs training and support? The Fuel and Environment service saves you time analysing vehicle and driver data. It shows where savings can be made. And it helps you lower CO2.

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Positioning: puts you in the loop


No more calls. No more guessing. The Positioning service tells you exactly what you need to know. From the position of the truck (at street level), to detailed information about the driver, truck speed, load and the type of vehicle. It’ll also help you plan, navigate and run your business in a more profitable way.

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How it works

A complete system – for any truck

Dynafleet gives you access to unique and extremely useful information about your Volvo truck. But it can be fitted to any make of truck – which makes it easy if you run a mixed brand fleet.

The Dynafleet services can be activated individually. Each service is available at a fixed monthly fee including international communication roaming.

Fitting is easy

The Dynafleet hardware is either installed from the factory, or retrofitted by your Volvo Trucks dealer. No extra software is needed – simply log on to the Dynafleet web portal to access your fleet information. Or use your smartphone or tablet for updates anywhere.

Information and storage

Information about the vehicle and driver is sent to Dynafleet's database where it’s analysed and presented to you through easy-to-read reports. Your office and driver can communicate via text messages. And you can integrate your ordering or invoicing systems with Dynafleet.

Improve your business

Control comes easy

Vehicle location visible at a glance provides better control on the consignment. Reports on geofencing, track & trace effectively support you in following up on your transport operation and ensure optimised usage of your fleet.

Less work in the office

Dynafleet automatically handles much of the work that was done manually before, like collating and analysing vehicle data, fuel consumption etc. This reduces a lot of administration and frees time for you to concentrate on growing your business.

Improve over time

By controlling and monitoring the information on vehicle performance and location, various opportunities for improving operational efficiency (fuel efficiency, usage of truck scheduling etc.) are identified and can be acted upon.


The perfect package

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer can help you find the Dynafleet package that’s best for you and your business.

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