Making it easy for you to stay in control: keeping your customers updated

Positions and more

Continuous updates on speed, driver status, expected arrival time and more make it easy for you – and your customers – to stay in control. And because truck positioning is recorded, you can review a route at any time.

Which truck is best suited for a new assignment?

Ready to work

Real-time information shows you which truck is best suited for a new assignment. One click lists the vehicles closest to the pick-up location. It also shows you who can reach the delivery destination within their work shift – and who can’t.

Tailored information

Looking for the right entry code or the confirmation on a just-in-time delivery? Setting up ‘geofences’ provides critical and time saving information, which is displayed in the cab and in the office as the truck enters or leaves a certain geographical area – like a terminal.

Key benefits

  • Shows the exact position of a truck, down to street level
  • Provides information about times, drivers, speed, load and vehicle type
  • Track & Trace – vehicle driving history
  • Provides information when a truck enters a given geographical area
  • Simplifies route planning and makes it easier to find the fastest route to your destination
  • Customers can monitor their cargo’s process using a designated customer login

Perfectly positioned

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can help you get the most from the Dynafleet services. You can call them. Go see them. Or it you’d prefer, they’ll come and see you.

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