Service Network

Countrywide Service network

Volvo Trucks has a comprehensive network of service and parts centres in India. The network is divided into regions and each region has a Hub Dealer fully equipped with infrastructure, tools, equipment and manpower. Apart from the Hub Dealer there are other dealerships who work in close proximity with the customers. Site support is provided at the remotest locations and is managed by site support dealerships. Our service network provides over 160 support points throughout India. 

Service Network

Volvo Container Workshop

Volvo has been pioneer in taking the service to the customer door step and deployment of the container workshops is one such endeavor. Container workshops provide one stop solution to the customer service requirements and is a strong link in the value chain. Complete truck services are ensured by providing quality working environment to the technicians and by equipping them with  special tools, standard workshop equipment, standard work processes, systems, amenities etc. 

No shortcuts, no surprises: just genuine service

Superior servicing

No one services your Volvo truck quite like we do. With us, you know that it’s done right. No shortcuts. No surprises. Our technicians are certified experts. They have the full range of tools and all the diagnostic and database systems they need. And they only ever use Genuine Volvo Parts. With Volvo, you know your truck – and your operation – is getting the service it deserves.

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Preventing minor issues from developing into costly problems

Preventative maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the best way to avoid unplanned downtime. When we carry out a service, we change filters, lubricants and perform a wide range of adjustments and inspections that fix minor issues before they become bigger, more costly problems.

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We consult you to develop a service plan that suits your needs

Your personal plan

We don’t just believe in preventative maintenance – we believe in tailoring it to your truck or operation. Enter the free service plan. A short consultation is all it takes to determine your perfect level of maintenance and create a service schedule that meets your exact needs. So you’ll know when your truck will be in the workshop, and any costs, in advance.


A genuine offer

Visit your Volvo Trucks dealer to find out more about Genuine Volvo Service, and what it can do for your business.

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