Fire Truck

Emergency Rescue trucks

FM 420 6x4 Euro-4 Fire Trucks

Volvo Fire trucks are built on proven FM platform and powered with high horsepower engine 420 hp Euro-4, Volvo Fire trucks are one of the most preffered choice in Emergency Rescue services application like Foam Tender, Arial ladder, skylift etc.   

Tree Transplanter

Tree Transplanting Solution

FMX 460 8x4 Tree Transplanter

Care for the environment has been one of Volvo’s core values since the ‘70s. We have identified the need of the hour to save the trees and through better understanding of the value of a matured tree towards the environment, Volvo Trucks is now pioneering the Tree Transplantation solution which can be deployed to transplant as many trees and thereby lessen the impact on the environment.

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Volvo Roadtrain

Heavy haulage solution for Coal transportation

FH 520 6x4 Roadtrain

Volvo FH Roadtrain for coal transportation is one of the recent innovative solutions for Port inter-cart movement. It is configured with unique-designed dual side-tip trailer offering 148 Cu.m capacity, pulled by heavy 520 hp engine mounted on FH platform. With a high productive solution like this, customers will get the benefit of optimizing the number of vehicles in fleet, reducing costs on drivers, maintenance, fuel and logistics; thereby, improving overall cost efficiency of coal transportation.

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