Volvo Trucks


FMX 460 8x4 19.5 Cu.m Tipper

Technical Specification

Engine 12.8 Ltrs, Euro-4
  Rated power 460 hp @ 1400-1900 rpm
  Max. torque 2300 Nm @ 1000-1400 rpm
Gearbox I-Shift, automated range / splitter gearbox
  12 forward and 4 reverse gears
Tipper body capacity 19.5 Cu.m Rock body / Exhaust heat body

Pure Power And Generous Torque

The Volvo D13A460 is a 460 hp, 12.8 litre in-line 6-cylinder engine designed to ensure excellent driving characteristics, high reliability and excellent fuel efficiency. The engine’s power is available virtually from idling speed, which ensures excellent starting traction. This power stays with you throughout and maximum torque is available high up the rev range (2300 Nm at 1000-1400 rpm). A wide economic speed range of 1000-1500 rpm helps to get the maximum fuel efficiency. 

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Shift to I-Shift

I-Shift transmission AT2612D is a 12-speed electronically controlled automated transmission, which is installed with advanced software optimised for mining operations. It is characterised by a fast gear changing system featuring minimum interruption in torque delivery during gear changing. The I-Shift can instantly predict and select the most appropriate ratio for efficient utilisation of the engine without driver's intervention. And you always have the option of using the manual mode.

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Designed For Heavy Load

The Volvo FMX 440 8x4 Tipper offers high load carrying capacity with a new 33 tonne rear tandem axle with 4 planetary gears on the hub and improved 9 tonne front axle with 10 tonne hub bearing. Rear bogie & front suspension is reinforced to withstand high loads under tough conditions. The strong chassis frame, reinforced with full length inner liner, provides high durability to the truck, while 12-24 cross-ply mining tyres ensure high traction and ground clearance essential for off-road applications

Rugged For Rough Use

The Volvo FMX is specifically designed to tackle the harshness of mining and construction application. The towing member is one piece of cast iron and is strong enough to hold upto 32 tonnes with its tow hook.  The bull bar is tougher and larger, as are the corner bumpers, which are made out of three millimetre thick high grade steel. With its box-like construction, the front is incredibly sturdy and designed for high approach angle. There is nothing hanging down underneath the truck except wheels. 

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Body For High Productivity

The Volvo FMX 440 8x4 comes factory-fitted with 19.5 Cu.m tipper body for overburden and mineral applications. The body comes in two variants – Rock Body (RB) and Exhaust Heated Body (EHB) for materials with different moisture content. The higher capacity body enables the customer to get high productivity without much brunt on the fuel efficiency. Ruggedness in-built in design and construction ensures enhanced life of the body under tough operating conditions.

Spacious Room For Stress-Free Work

Despite being a tougher truck, everything inside the cab feels more inviting. The gently curved dashboard not only looks appealing; it’s designed for an ergonomic and comfortable driving position with all buttons, instruments and storage within easy reach. Air-suspended seat with comfortable seat cushion and backrest provides perfect support and seating comfort. Sleeker steering column, enhances the knee space for driver, bringing more comfort to the driver.

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Safe As Volvo

Volvo is the only truck manufacturer in the world to meet the Swedish cab strength standards - the toughest in the world. The cab’s low position, combined with forward sloping dashboard and the slim rearview mirrors  provides superior close-up visibility. The high-illumibation head lamps offer enhanced light performance. The unique feature of automatic parking brake activation when the engine is turned off ensures high degree of safety even if the driver misses it. All Volvo mining trucks are also offered with DGMS recommended features.

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