Volvo Trucks


FH 520 6x4 Puller

Technical specification

Engine 12.8 Ltrs, Euro-3
  Rated power 520 hp @ 1500-1800 rpm
  Max. torque 2200 Nm @ 1050-1450 rpm
Gearbox Manual Synchronised Range-Splitter
  14 forward and 4 reverse gears
Gross Combination Weight 200 tonnes (when coupled to suitable hydraulic axle trailer)
  Subject to special approval from MoRTH

Power for extreme load

The Volvo D13A520 is a 520 hp, 12.8 litre in-line 6-cylinder engine designed to ensure excellent driving characteristics, high reliability and excellent fuel efficiency. The engine’s power is available virtually from idling speed, which ensures excellent starting traction. This power stays with you throughout and maximum torque is available high up the rev range (2500 Nm at 1050-1450 rpm). A wide economic speed range of 1050-1600 rpm helps to get the maximum fuel efficiency. 

Transmission for efficiency

Volvo's 14-speed splitter-range gearbox VT2514B, matched perfectly to the fitted D13A520 engine’s characteristics. Close and well balanced ratios make it easy for the truck to climb steep gradients and facilitate smooth acceleration. Extreme low crawler ratio 16.41:1 ensures good startability when hauling heavy loads on gradients and rough road conditions. New high performance transmission oil cooler results into oil temperature lowered very effectively, giving the gearbox considerable operating reliability.

Designed for heavy load

The new Volvo FM is strong where it counts – on its individual axles. Front axle with unique S-shaped parabolic leaf suspension is approved for maximum 9 tonnes axle load. 33 tonnes rear tandem axle with reinforced bogie suspension design further enhances the overall load carrying capacity of the vehicle. High load carrying capacity of the chassis enables deployment of higher dead weight required to provide necessary traction for pulling the heavy cargo load. Heavy duty Front and Rear Tow hooks offer both push and pull movement. 

Distinguished design

High mounting, upright A-pillars, a streamlined windscreen and a redesigned grille make the new Volvo FH stand out on the roads. The new Volvo FH appears more dynamic, leaning forward with its wheels pressing at the ground, ready to take off. This impression is partly built up by the graphics – an important area is the design of wheel housing and mud guard. The upper edge of the mud guard flares runs forwards and downwards – creating a dynamic line that reinforces the shape of the wheel arch. Dynamic curves around the windscreen emphasise the aerodynamics.

Workplace reinvented

The new Volvo FH has been designed from scratch with one particular person in mind - the driver. Upright A-pillars make the cabs more spacious. In combination with the upright A-pillars the larger windscreen is part of the contemporary and spacious design. And, every bit of this space has been designed to add to the driver’s comfort – from the moment you sit down behind the wheel to the moment you wake up in the bunk. So you can also do a good job tomorrow. Best-in class visibility achieved through slim A-pillars, large windshield and slimmer mirror housing, more standing height, modern and ergonomic dashboard, more knee space and sky window are just few features to mention.

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Safe as Volvo

Volvo is the only truck manufacturer in the world to meet the Swedish cab strength standards - the toughest in the world. The cab’s low position, combined with forward sloping dashboard and the slim rearview mirrors  provides superior close-up visibility. The high-illumibation head lamps offer enhanced light performance. The unique feature of automatic parking brake activation when the engine is turned off ensures high degree of safety even if the driver misses it. Skylight, measuring 50x70 cm, work as an escape hatch which can allow even big drivers to climb out easily.

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