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The air suspended Tridem reduces your turning circle, fuel consumption and tyre wear. It also increases traction if things get tricky.

Take the curves in your stride

The three-axle bogie significantly improves close quarter manoeuvrability – even on the narrowest roads. To save fuel and tyre wear, you can raise one (or even two) of the axles when driving unladen on good roads. And by optimising rear axle pressure on every axle, you get better traction when you need it.

Easy to manoeuvre, and a comfortable ride

The Tridem bogie comes with a choice of a tag axle (behind the drive axles) or a pusher axle (in front of the drive axles). Or both if you drive an 8x2. <br>Since the axles can be hydraulically steered, the turning radius is much tighter than on a truck with dual front axles. This makes it easy to manoeuvre on challenging routes. Plus, the air suspension makes for a comfortable ride, especially when unladen.

Raise the axle and save fuel

When the dead axle isn’t required to distribute weight, it’s automatically raised – saving fuel and reducing tyre wear. To avoid overload, the axle lowers automatically when you load the truck.

Tridem Axle Configurations

Tridem is available for four- or five-axle configurations, including the new 10x4. All feature air suspension and can be equipped with hub-reduction axles.

Available configurations

Type   Axles   Suspension   Max. bogie load   Tag/pusher axles
RAPDT-GR   8×2R   Air   32t   Pusher axle (steered)
+ tag axle (fixed/steered)
RADDT-GR   8×4R, 10×4R   Air   36t   Tag axle (steered)
RAPDD-GR   8×4R, 8×4T   Air   35t   Pusher axle (steered)

R = Rigid, T = Tractor

Turn this way

Want to see how tight you could turn? Head to your local Volvo Trucks dealer and experience Tridem for yourself.