Volvo Trucks



  • Chassis heights
  • Max. front axle load
  • Rear suspension
  • Fifth wheel coupling heights
  • Towbars
  • Fuel tanks
  • AdBlue tanks
  • Fifth wheels
  • Volvo Dynamic Steering
  • Tandem Axle Lift
  • Tag axles
  • Pusher axles
  • Brakes 

Chassis heights

X-Low (tractor) approx 810 mm  
Low approx 850 mm  
Med approx 900 mm  
High approx 1000 mm  

Max front axle load (tonnes)

  Air Leaf
X-Low 8
Low 8
Med 9 9
High 9 10/20*

*With dual front axles (FAA20/FAA21)


Rear suspension

Type Axles Suspension Axle/bogie load Reduction Pusher/tag axles
RAD-L90 4×2 Parabolic/Multi-leaf 13 t Single/hub  
RAD-GR 4×2 Air 11.5/13 t Single/hub  
RADT-GR 6×2 Air 19/20.5/22.5/23 t Single/hub Tag axle (fixed/steered/self-steered)
RAPD-GR 6×2 Air 19/22 t Single/hub Pusher axle (fixed/steered)
RADD-BR 6×4/8×4 Parabolic 21 t Single/hub  
RADD-TR1 6×4/8×4 Parabolic/conventional leaf 23/26 t Single/hub  
RADD-TR2 6×4/8×4 Conventional leaf 26/32 t Hub  
RADD-GR 6×4/8×4 Air 21/23/26 t Single/hub  
RADDT-GR 8×4/10x4 Air 27/33/36 t Single/hub Tag axle (steered)
RAPDD-GR 8×4 Air 27/30.5/32/35 t Single/hub Pusher axle (steered)
RAPDT-GR 8x2 Air 27/30/30.5/31.5/32 t Single/hub Pusher axle (steered) + tag axle (fixed/steered)

Fifth wheel coupling heights

Drive Chassis Suspension Frame height 5W height* Tyre Min.coupling height** Nominal drive height**
4×2 X-Low RAD-GR 266 140 295/55 867 912
  X-low RAD-GR 266 140 295/60 887 932
  Low RAD-GR 266 140 315/60 955 1015
  Med RAD-GR 266 140 315/70 1014 1075
  Med RAD-GR 300 140 315/70 1031 1092
  High RAD-GR 266 140 315/80 1056 1147
  High RAD-GR 300 140 315/80 1090 1164
6×2 Low RADT-GR 266 160 315/60 975 1035
  Med RADT-GR 266 160 315/70 1034 1095
  Med RADT-GR 300 160 315/70 1051 1112
  High RADT-GR 300 150* 315/80 1160 1234
  Med RAPD-GR 266 160 315/70 1034 1095
  Med RADT-GR 300 160 315/70 1051 1112
  High RAPD-GR 266 160 315/80 1076 1167
  High RAPD-GR 300 160 315/80 1110 1184
6×4 High RADD-GR 300 150* 315/80 1173 1234
8x4 High RAPDD-GR 300 160 315/80 1137 1207

* +60 mm mounting height.
** Approximate heights.



Centrally mounted, semi-undermounted and undermounted towbars for centre-axle trailers. Towbars can be fitted at intervals of 25 millimetres.

Fuel tanks
Aluminium or steel tanks in volumes from 150 to 900 litres. Maximum fuel volume is 1480 litres for a 4×2 tractor.

AdBlue tanks
Plastic. Volumes from 32 to 90 litres. The AdBlue pump is integrated in the AdBlue tank module.

Fifth wheels
Certified installation permits up to 36 tonnes load. An ISO fifth wheel with L-shaped profiles at different heights is included in the range, offering considerable freedom of choice. The flange-mounted fifth wheel is a low-weight variant since it does not require any attachment plate. The fifth wheel’s height above the chassis is from about 140 millimetres. Integrated lubrication and trailer connection indicator is available as option for specific variants.

Volvo Dynamic Steering
Active steering system with torque overlay. Delivers more steering force at low speeds, reduces steering kicks and keeps the steering wheel straight forward when braking on split friction. The steering wheel returns automatically to neutral position both when driving forward and when reversing.

Volvo Dynamic Steering is now available for all axle configurations, including trucks with dual front axles.

Tandem Axle Lift
Allows the rearmost drive axle on the tandem bogie to be disengaged and raised, to reduce fuel consumption and turning radius. By pushing a button on the dashboard, the driver can raise the axle when the truck is unloaded. When the truck is loaded, the axle automatically lowers itself and engages. 

Tandem Axle Lift is available for 6×4 and 8×4 configurations (with a tandem bogie) equipped with disc brakes.

Tag axles
Available in several configurations – fixed with single or dual wheels, self steered or actively steered. Axle load: 7.5, 9.5, 10 or 16 tonnes.

Pusher axles
Available in fixed and actively steered variants for both tractors and rigids. Axle load: 7.5 or 9 tonnes.


EBS (Electronically-controlled Brake System) provides superior response, performance and brake feel, while providing access to a number of handy features. EBS is now available both for disc brakes and Z-cam drum brakes (for a selected range of axle configurations and chassis heights). Upgrade your brake system by adding the EBS Medium package or any of the additional options.

EBS Medium

In addition to the EBS Standard package, EBS Medium adds the following features.

EBS Status Control

EBS status monitoring via the TEA2+ vehicle electronic system and Volvo Tech Tool.

Hill Start Aid

The brakes are only released once there is sufficient engine torque to propel the vehicle forward.

Lining Wear Analysis

Brake lining warning – calculates the remaining mileage available with the current brake linings. (Only for disc brakes.)

Automatic Parking Brake Release

The parking brake is released when the driver pushes the accelerator pedal and a gear is selected (only I-Shift gearbox).

Additional Options

In addition to the program packages there are the following options:

Stretch Brake

Enables the driver to request pulse braking of the trailer. The brake is then automatically activated and the risk of jack-knifing is minimised.

ESP (Electronic Stability Program)

The brake stability system applies the brakes individually on each wheel, thereby providing stability for the entire vehicle combination and counteracting jack-knifing, rollover and trailer swing. ESP fulfils the legislation of Electronic Vehicle Stability Control, and is available for 2- and 3-axle vehicles.

Emergency Brake Light

When panic braking from speeds above 50 km/h, the brake lights flash with four flashes per second.

Hydraulic retarder

Gearbox-mounted compact retarder with a max effect of 440 kW.


The only way to really experience our dynamic new chassis is from behind the wheel. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the keys