Fire Truck


Purpose Built Water Sprinkler On A Proven Platform

Water Sprinkler trucks perform the most important task of keeping dust and pollution levels at manageable levels by spraying water over paths that trucks traverse. Most conventional water sprinkler trucks just spray water over tracks. While this approach works as a basic level, it is neither efficient nor sufficient to tackle the problem of dust pollution in the Mining and construction operations. With traditional water sprinkler solutions, fine particulate dust will still manage to get into critical areas of trucks and cause wider service issues with parts failing early. At Volvo trucks, we understood the need for a better and more efficient water sprinkler solution. That is how our unique water sprinkler solution was born.

FMX 460 8x4 Tree Transplanter

Tree Transplanting Solution

Care for the environment has been one of Volvo’s core values since the ‘70s. We have identified the need of the hour to save the trees and through better understanding of the value of a matured tree towards the environment, Volvo Trucks is now pioneering the Tree Transplantation solution which can be deployed to transplant as many trees and thereby lessen the impact on the environment.

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