Better. Brighter. Safer

Volvo FE headlights

Headlamps that give you a superior view of the road and ensure that other road users see you coming. Flexible lighting around the truck dramatically increases your field of vision.

High brightness. Low wattage

The Volvo FE’s LED lamps are powerful, but have a low working wattage and power consumption. They’re tough too – highly resistant to wear and tear, but simple to remove and change.

Shining a light on safety

The headlights comply with European regulations for Daytime Running Lights (DRL), and switch on automatically when the truck moves forward. And to avoid disturbing others, the LED lights automatically dim when parking or when the low beam lights are activated.

Distinctive design

The Volvo FE features Volvo’s signature V-shape lights. They not only look good, but they’re highly visible to others too.

See the light

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer to see the Volvo FE’s lighting features in all their shining glory.

Volvo FE Features