Power Up. Costs Down

Power take-offs for Volvo FE

Volvo power take-offs power your load handling equipment or drive attachments efficiently, lowering your overall cost. Our comprehensive selection means that whatever your business, you’ll find the specifications you need. 

Quality that delivers 

The interaction between the power take-off and the truck’s driveline is crucial. That’s why our power take-offs are designed to work specifically with Volvo engines and gearboxes. Reliable, light and easy to maintain, they’re also built to meet the exacting demands of the distribution industry.

All the power you need

Manual gearbox? Our lightweight, clutch-dependent power take-offs offer a flexible torque range up to 800Nm. For automatic transmission, our clutch-independent power take-offs have a torque output of up to 600Nm.

Specification pays

Optimal operation. Higher quality. Simpler fitting. Specify the correct power take-off with the chassis from the factory, and you’ll see the benefits in your bottom line.

Power up

Get your spec right. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer is ready to help.

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