Welcome to work

Volvo FE cab interior

The Volvo FE cab offers a great working environment for busy urban professionals. Whatever your choice of cab, the convenient instep makes entry easy. Once inside, a spacious interior with well-appointed features makes it a great place to work in.

All-round vision

The low driving position, the large windscreen and the extra windows in the doors mean you have very close contact with the environment around the vehicle. The excellent close-up view and all-round visibility makes the Volvo FE a safe urban citizen.

Extra windows and visibility

Order your Volvo FE with auxiliary windows in the lower part of the doors and behind the doors. They further perfect your view of the area close to your truck.

Low-entry cab benefits

The Volvo FE low-entry cab is designed for smoother operations with frequent starts and stops – like refuse collection, delivery transports and construction duties. A comfortable low-entry and a 90-degree door opening down to 440 mm let you step in and out easily. The results are less strain and fatigue as well as improved productivity.

Two or four seats?

The low-entry cab comes in two versions. The walk-through version offers a flat floor through the cab and a capacity of up to four seats. If one passenger is enough, there’s the version with an air suspended passenger seat and an engine tunnel. It’s a great choice for city deliveries and construction transports.

Foldable passenger door

The low-entry cab either comes with a regular door or a foldable door on the passenger side. The folding door offers a wide opening and a low entry, making access safer and more convenient in intense traffic environments.

Ergonomic thinking

Instruments, gearshift, controls and storage. In the Volvo FE, everything you need to do your work is exactly where you expect it to be. It means fewer movements. Less stretch and strain. So your hands spend more time on the wheel and you can keep your eyes on what’s going on around your truck.

Perfect seating

You’ll sit perfectly in the ergonomic Volvo FE seats with integrated head restraint and seat belt. The upholstery material provides excellent resistance to dirt. Both the driver’s and the passenger seats can be adjusted to suit different needs.

Got a question?

Your local Volvo Trucks dealer will have the answer. Drop in, give them a call or ask them to come and see you.