Efficient power and performance

Volvo D8K engine for Volvo FE

Our own Volvo D8K engine is a top performer in any situation. When tight manoeuvring is required, its fast response can be relied upon every time. And with alternatives for synthetic diesel and biodiesel you can operate when more stringent regulations apply.

Now UP TO 350 HP

The D8K engine is now available with a 350 hp power rating and 1,400 Nm maximum torque. It extends the Volvo FE’s area of applications for demanding distribution, refuse and light construction transports. Single truck with two or three axles, with or without trailer – the Volvo FE has the power and torque needed. 

Ready for alternative fuels

One truck model. Many fuels. The Volvo FE gives you the choice between several alternative fuels that fit your assignments. And help the environment.

Reduce your CO2 emissions by up to 100%*. And maintain your productivity. The 9-litre Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engine delivers 320 hp and 1,356 Nm of torque.

All D8K engines can run on synthetic diesel – HVO (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils). And you can run the same truck on regular diesel fuel.

One variant of the D8K320 engine can run on pure biodiesel – RME (Rapeseed Oil Methyl Esters).


* This covers the emissions from the vehicle during usage, so called tank to wheel.


Sustainable performance

Our diesel engines are designed to deliver performance for your needs. And minimizing your environmental footprint. To meet the Euro 6 regulations, we combine selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR).

Power trip

Experience the fast response of the D8K engine for yourself. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the keys.