Volvo FH chassis

Customised for your productivity

Regardless of your transport needs, you want a truck with a chassis that’s built to handle the kind of tasks you’re going to throw at it. We tailor your chassis to support the success of your operations – using components and systems that are guaranteed to work reliably for many years to come. This is work gear you can trust.

Your Volvo FH is a precision tool on the road. You can get a fully air-suspended truck, both for demanding long haul transport as well as construction work. And with the Volvo Dynamic Steering, it’s hard to match the handling and feel.

We can build you a Volvo FH ready to pull extreme loads in tough conditions or a lightweight tractor for on-road use. And they both start from the same chassis concept. The Volvo FH is often associated with high pace, long haul transport – but it can be tailored for even more demanding conditions.

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Explore the chassis specifications 

Options for a fast build

Numerous specification options make your Volvo FH quick and easy to prep for any type of superstructure bodies. The Bodybuilder Module is simple to use, while Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions provide online access to all the technical drawings and wiring diagrams needed. Everything to fine-tune your operation.

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Tandem Axle Lift

Use the axle lift, but only when you need it. The Tandem Axle Lift allows the rearmost drive axle to be disengaged and raised when you unload. Just like a tag axle, this greatly improves the turning radius, reduces tyre wear and cuts fuel consumption.

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Five-axle trucks

Transporting heavy loads? You can get a five-axle truck delivered direct from the factory. You’ll get your truck quicker and reduce customisation costs. And you’ll get a truck with a complete vehicle type approval. You’ll also benefit from a full Volvo warranty and our aftermarket support – which can lower your long-term operating costs.


Your dealer will help you tailoring your Volvo FH chassis.