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Fuel efficiency is about staying in control of your fuel costs and your environmental footprint. But first and foremost, it’s about making sure you get the most out of every drop. Don’t compromise on your productivity. With the Volvo FH, you can choose from a wide range of offers to tailor your ideal solution. Our powertrains are engineered to save fuel – while delivering high performance. Beyond that, there are even more solutions available for your Volvo FH that are designed to make your fuel bills drop even further. 

Engines that deliver

All our diesel and gas-powered engines have been meticulously engineered to save fuel – without compromising performance. They offer excellent driveability and let you stay in top gear even through climbs to keep up speed and save fuel.

I-See – watch your fuel bills drop

I-See is a cruise control that understands your routes to save fuel. It uses information about the topography to manage speed and gear changes in the most fuel-efficient way. 

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Ratio for your assignments

The rear axle is the last link in an efficient chain. By equipping our rear axle with the right ratio for long haul, it works in perfect harmony with the engine and transmission. The result? Lower revs. A more comfortable drive. And improved fuel efficiency.

Steady speed with I-Cruise

Intelligent cruise control. I-Cruise adjusts your speed to keep fuel consumption down. This not only helps towards your productivity by maintaining a high average speed. It also contributes to a safer, more comfortable drive.

Roll easy

Use the right tyres, with the correct pressure and on correctly aligned wheels and axles – it can reduce your fuel consumption significantly. Our studies across Europe show that two out of three trucks have incorrectly aligned axles and wheels. So there’s a lot to be gained for very little effort.

Dynafleet – track your fuel efficiency

Meet our fleet-management system. Follow the performance of your trucks and drivers in real time, view automatically generated fuel-efficiency rankings. Then make comparisons, spot trends and implement profitable, fuel-saving changes.

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Driver training – small changes, big savings

Our Efficient Driving course helps you get the most out of every drop of fuel. Part of our Volvo Trucks Driver Development programme, the proven systematic approach creates fuel-efficient driving patterns and sustainable, long-term savings – and is most effective in conjunction with Dynafleet reports.

Volvo Driver Training 


Your dealer can help you wring out the best out each drop.