The gas-powered Volvo FH LNG for long haul

The Volvo FH LNG is a truck for heavy regional and long haul transport. It drives and performs just like the Volvo FH you know as the ultimate long haul experience. But with a smaller CO2 footprint and the potential to lower your fuel costs.

Performance for your needs

The gas-powered powertrain is based on the renowned engine technology used in the Volvo FH. And it delivers the same performance – but with up to 20% less CO2 emissions*. You can choose between either 420 hp or 460 hp or power ratings, so there are no needs for compromising.

Lower your fuel costs

The Volvo FH LNG offers the same fuel efficiency as the diesel-powered Volvo FH. However, since LNG is often cheaper, there’s a good opportunity to reduce your fuel costs.

Fit for your range

The operating range is usually critical for gas-powered heavy vehicles. Our engines are efficient, and combined with the LNG, it ensures an operating range suitable for regional and long haul transports. Choose between three different tank sizes to optimise the truck for an operating range of up to 1000 km.

Solid technology

The G13C engines in the Volvo FH LNG are based our state-of-the-art D13K engines. The engine efficiency is on a par with diesel. And you can expect the same service intervals, reliability and performance. 

* This covers the emissions from the vehicle during long haul driving, the so-called “tank to wheel”, compared to a truck using European standard diesel.

** Actual fuel economy and range for LNG trucks may vary depending on many factors i.e. driving speed, use of cruise control, vehicle specification, vehicle load, actual topography, the driver’s driving experience, vehicle maintenance, weather conditions, fuel station LNG pressure, and temperature status.

Using gas-fuelled vehicles would not only help the environment greatly. It would also benefit our company by cutting direct and indirect costs.

Keep updated on the gas-powered Volvo FH LNG

Your Volvo Trucks dealer will keep you informed about the latest development for Gas-powered-trucks in your country.