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Volvo FH16 Cab Exterior

It’s the distinctive Volvo FH16 as you know it – with power and comfort in perfect balance. And yet, it’s clear that this truck is the next evolution.

The shape of the Volvo FH16 cab is smoother around the edges and the gaps between the upper and lower front are smaller to improve aerodynamics and efficiency. The unique Volvo FH16 grille has a silver finish, hinting that this is something extra. 

But the clearest sign of the evolution is the headlamp design, which gives the Volvo FH16 its iconic expression. The distinctive lines of the headlamp flow with the cab’s shape, proceeding around the front corner and stretching back on the cab sides. The headlamps have a Volvo FH16 black theme. When standing still, it’s obvious that this truck is among the most powerful trucks around – and yet it’s more refined than ever.

The new headlamps come in three different versions and they not only look good – they’re also loaded with enhanced functionality that makes life on the road safer and more comfortable. 

You’ll also see that the iron mark in the front is bigger and when you get closer to the door, you’ll notice that the entry steps have aluminium inlays. Details that make a difference.

That Volvo FH16 look

Choose between three exterior trim levels and hundreds of colours.

The basic trim

Comes with a black grille and thunder grey bumper, mirrors etc.

The basic with sturdy front trim

Comes with a thunder grey heavy-duty bumper, black grille, thunder grey bumper mirrors etc. Headlamps with black theme.

The Volvo FH16 trim

Comes with a unique silver-finished Volvo FH16 grille and headlamps with black theme. Bumper, mirrors etc., are all painted in the body colour. Aluminium details on instep. 

Choose from over 650 colours. All green.

Save time and money by not having to visit a separate paintshop – just have your Volvo cab delivered in the colour you like. Choose from over 650 different hues, tints, and shades.

Want a preview? Use the cab colouriser below.

Please note that a computer monitor cannot fully do justice to the colors. To view actual paint samples, please visit your Volvo dealer. Please also note that not all colours are available on all models and markets. The image shows a truck with the highest possible paint level.


This colorizer contains all colours available in the sales system. Many of the solid colours are also available with a clear coat layer. If you cannot find your requested colour please contact your Volvo dealer.



Volvo FH16 Exterior images


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