Your rolling hotel suite

Volvo FH16 Cab Living

Need to stay overnight in style, or do you just want a really comfortable cab with plenty of space? The Volvo FH16 takes the next step in the evolution of life on the road. In here, you’re comfortable, regardless of the outside conditions. Step on in!

Choose from five different cab sizes to optimise the space for your needs. They all offer a roomy feel, with light from above.Four of the cabs can accommodate up to two people for a comfortable sleep, or you can just enjoy the space for yourself.You’ll get ideal conditions for a good rest – an insulated cab and blackout curtains help you sleep undisturbed. The climate system can be equipped with the I-Park Cool, to keep a perfect temperature throughout the whole night.

There’s plenty of storage for all your stuff, too. Lights, audio, entertainment and other functions are easily controlled from the dashboard, the rear wall panel or by using Voice control. And that’s just the beginning. Choose from a range of other accessories that make life on the road even more comfortable.

A comfortable sleep

Choose between an air pocket spring mattress or a foam mattress. Regardless, you’ll get premium resting comfort. For even better sleep, the bed can be adjusted to compensate for being parked on a slope.

Dual refrigerators

In need of big cooling capacity? No problem. You can get your Volvo FH16 cab with dual refrigerators. One in the upper rear shelf, and one under the bed.




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