Fitted for the city

Volvo FL chassis

Serving an urban construction site? Distributing to city restaurants? Handling refuse? The infinitely flexible Volvo FL chassis is designed to meet any, and every, challenge. And with four-wheel drive, the Volvo FL 4x4 is surefooted on any road – and in all conditions.

Fast and flexible

The Volvo FL chassis can be ordered with a standard layout or specified for any requirements and superstructure. Robust and rigid, the flat, square design simplifies bodybuilding. The frame can be fitted with bodybuilder brackets. And Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions (VBI) speed up the process. So you’ll get a truck that’s perfectly tailored to your business, in the quickest, most cost-effective way possible.

Volvo Bodybuilder Instructions

The Flexible Chassis

Body building made easier

To further facilitate the work of the body builder, the chassis can be fitted with an assortment of body builder brackets in the frame. The combinations can be specified further to fit additional requirements.

Maintenance-free front axles

A range of maintenance-free front axles is available depending on your load requirements. Load capacities range from 4.0 to 7.1 tonnes. The driven front axle for the Volvo FL with four-wheel drive has a load capacity of 5.6 tonnes.

Axles to carry your load

Three different rear axles are available in various combinations. The load capacity range stretches from 8.5 to 11.5 tonnes.

Fast, easy loading

The Electronic Control System (ECS) can be used to control the air suspension levelling, via switches on the dashboard or a control box. This means quick, efficient loading at any height.

Convenient protection

The reinforced, foldable Side Underrun Protection (SUP) comes as a factory fitted option. Designed by Volvo, it combines secure protection and easy serviceability.

Prepared for refrigerated transports

Get your Volvo FL for refrigerated transports out on the streets quicker. We can prepare it for a frigoblock installation in our factory.

Choose your suspension

Depending on your axle load, opt for air suspension, leaf suspension or a combination of the two.

Select your wheels

Opt for a D5K engine and you’ll need 17.5 or 19.5” rims. For heavier trucks with 6-cylinder engines, go for 19.5 or 22.5.

Fuel tanks

Depending on your truck specification and special requirements, you can choose between plastic, steel or aluminium fuel tanks with capacities between 80 and 430 litres.

Frame height

There are two frame section heights of 220 mm and 244 mm with a frame thickness of 5, 6, 7 or 8 mm available depending on model.

Electronic brake system (EBS)

The Volvo FL uses pneumatic brakes with ventilated discs front and rear. Its Electronically controlled Brake System (EBS) provides faster and safer braking response and helps reduce brake wear. The system includes ABS and a Brake Blending system that uses the truck’s various brakes to promote uniform braking and reduce tyre and brake wear. The extended EBS package also includes a Hill Hold feature.

Volvo FL sweeper

The Volvo FL chassis can be factory-prepared for sweeper applications. We then move the air tanks, fuel tanks, AdBlue tank, battery box and exhaust system out of the way to make room for frame-mounted equipment. The package involves all parts of the truck’s specification and will make it perfectly adapted for its purpose. Two versions are available, a 12-tonne and a 16-tonne version.

Start building

Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer to talk through layout options and spec your perfect Volvo FL or Volvo FL 4x4.