Blend in. Stand out

Volvo FL cab

Easy to spot. Even easier to love. The Volvo FL’s compact size doesn’t stop it making an impression in the city. In fact, its sleek, aerodynamic design, impressive black grille and intelligent features make it one of the smartest trucks in its class.   

Part of the family 

The gently rounded, aerodynamic design. The bold lines and graphics. The trademark V-shaped lights. The Volvo FL may be smaller than its muscular, long haul siblings, but there’s no denying its DNA. Meet a fully-fledged member of the premium Volvo truck range.

A mark of distinction

The prestigious iron mark on the Volvo FL is placed high on the front of the vehicle, close to the driver. This emphasizes the driver is close to vulnerable road users. It gives the truck a more approachable impression in busy traffic.

More staff

When there are more than one, two or three persons needed at the site there’s the crew cab. This cab has ample space for up to 7 persons, including the driver.

Roof air deflector

The roof air deflector reduces air resistance. Combine it with the sun visor and side air deflectors for even better results.

All-round vision

Seeing clearly what’s going on around your truck is the key to be productive and safe in busy city streets. You really want to see other vehicles as well as vulnerable road users close to your truck. Expand your all-round visibility with the visibility package – including auxiliary windows in the passenger doors and rear side windows on both sides. Among other features, the package also includes electrically operated and heated rear view mirrors and instep lights for safe entry and exit.

Let the air flow

The Volvo FL’s gently rounded, aerodynamic design lowers air resistance – increasing driveability and saving fuel. And with its distinctive honeycomb pattern, the front grille allows for more efficient airflow, facilitating better cooling of the engine and the after-treatment process.

Look the part 

Specifically designed for the Volvo FL 4x4, the signature stripes differentiate it from its two-wheel drive siblings. They also convey its rugged credentials and ensure it stands out in a crowd.

Find the perfect cab

Day cab

Interior height 1,605mm
Length 1,600mm
Width 2,100mm

Short sleeper cab

Interior height 1,605 mm
Length 2,000 mm
Width 2,100 mm

Crew cab

Interior height 1,605mm
Length 2,980mm
Width 2,100mm

View the complete cab specifications

360° Exterior overview

Below is an interactive overview of the cab. Click on the text boxes to read more. Click the "Full Screen" for an even better experience. Described features and functions are general and might vary from your specific truck.

Choose from over 650 colours. All green

Save time and money by not having to visit a separate paintshop – just have your Volvo cab delivered in the colour you like. Choose from over 650 different hues, tints, and shades. 

Want a preview? Use the cab colouriser below.

Please note that a computer monitor cannot fully do justice to the colors. To view actual paint samples, please visit your Volvo dealer. Please also note that not all colours are available on all models and markets. The image shows a truck with the highest possible paint level.

This colorizer contains all colours available in the sales system. Many of the solid colours are also available with a clear coat layer. If you cannot find your requested colour please contact your Volvo dealer.

Caught your eye?

See the Volvo FL’s style and substance up close by visiting your local Volvo Trucks dealer.