Save fuel. Reduce stress


Start. Stop. Start. The Volvo FL’s automated 6-gear I-Sync transmission simplifies city driving. It helps lower fuel consumption. Reduces climate-impacting emissions. And keeps maintenance costs low.

Manual or automatic?

The lever behind the wheel lets you choose either manual or automatic mode. There’s no clutch pedal, so the same lever is used to control your manual shifts, too. In automatic mode, gear changes are optimised. And thanks to the electro-hydraulics, every shift is silky smooth.

Pick your power

I-Sync is available in two variants – one for the D5K engine and one for the D8K. It has been designed for a torque of up to 1,050Nm, making it ideal for rigid axle trucks in the distribution segment – with either four- or six-cylinder engines.

Easy to master

Designed to meet the needs of busy distribution drivers who don’t drive the same truck each day, I-Sync is intuitive and easy to master. So you always have a safer, comfortable and efficient ride.


Shift to I-Sync

Driving with I-Sync is a pleasure. Experience it for yourself at your local Volvo Trucks dealer.

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