Safe in the city

Volvo FL safety cab

Collision tests. Barrier tests. Head impact tests. The Volvo FL has passed them all. Probably the toughest cab in its class, it comes with a range of safety features that help keep you safe if an accident does happen.

Sit back. Strap in. Stay safe

The reinforced seat and seat anchoring minimise forward movement in an accident. The neck support keeps your head still and well protected. And the integrated seatbelt protects you with first-class impact resistance. With your safety sorted, all that’s left is to choose your seatbelt colour – black or hard-to-miss red?

Double strength

The entire Volvo FL cab has been reinforced with 31 kilos of extra steel to protect you if you’re involved in an accident. To reduce the risk of injury in a collision, there are no sharp edges on the dashboard, steering wheel and controls.

Protecting you and others

Our Front and Rear Underrun Protection systems are designed to prevent cars becoming wedged under the truck in a collision, reducing the chance of passenger injury. And our Electronic Stability Program efficiently reduces the risk of skidding and rollovers. In risky situations it instantly steps in, reducing engine power and applying brakes to each wheel of the truck and trailer individually.

All-round visibility

Knowing what’s going on around your truck is essential in busy city environments. The Volvo FL’s big windscreen and excellent rear view mirrors aside – the auxiliary lower window in the passenger door gives you an excellent view in otherwise hidden areas.

Three-piece bumper

Steel corners give the bumper outstanding impact resistance, reducing damage risk and repair costs. And if you have an accident, the separate pieces isolate the impact, so you only have to replace the damaged sections.

A secure system

A comprehensive remote-controlled alarm system helps keep the Volvo FL safe. Easily activated if unwelcome guests try to open the doors or disturb the vehicle, it offers you peace of mind when you’re away from the truck.

Optional safety extras 

Need heated exterior mirrors? A first aid kit? Or protective windscreen tint? We can equip your Volvo FL with any safety extras you need.

Safe and sound

Experience the toughest cab in its class for yourself. Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer for a test drive.

Volvo FL Features