Designed for you 

Volvo FL cab interior

Space. Storage. Instruments and information exactly where you need them. A comfortable seat. An adjustable steering wheel. And low interior noise. Welcome to the Volvo FL cab – your premium workplace on wheels.  

Ergonomic thinking 

Instruments. Gearshift. Controls. Storage. In the Volvo FL, everything you need is exactly where you need it – and within easy reach, too. It means fewer movements. Less stretch and strain. So your hands spend more time on the wheel and your eyes don’t leave the road.

Perfect seating

You’ll sit perfectly in the ergonomic Volvo FL seats, with solid anchoring, integrated head restraint and seat belt. The upholstery material provides excellent resistance to dirt. Both the driver’s and the passenger seats can be adjusted to suit different needs.

Choose your space

Choose between three cab sizes: the day cab, the short sleeper cab or the crew cab – all depending on your need for loading space or number of passengers. The width is 2100 mm while the length varies from 1600 mm to 2980 mm.

Loads of room for your stuff 

In the dashboard. In the doors. Above your head. Between the seats. Look around the Volvo FL cab and you’ll see an abundance of storage space. You can add even more, too.

360° Interior overview

Below is an interactive overview of the cab. Click on the text boxes to read more. Click the "Full Screen" for an even better experience. Described features and functions are general and might vary from your specific truck.

Find comfort

To experience a cab designed around you, visit you local Volvo Trucks dealer.