Chassis specifications for Volvo FL

Chassis heights


Lowapprox 810–830 mm
Medapprox 860 mm
Highapprox 950 mm
X-Highapprox 960 mm
XX-High*approx 1175 mm

* Only for Volvo FL 4×4

Max front axle load (tonnes)

Low4.0/4.5 t4.2
Med 4.5/5.0/5.8 t
High 5.0/5.6/5.8/6.3 t
X-high7.1 t7.1/7.5 t
XX-high 5.6 t


Towbars for connecting trailers are avaialble.

Fuel tanks

Fuel tanks are available in plastic, steel or aluminium. Fuel volume varies from 80 to 300 litres. In addition, there is a combination of two 215-litre tanks available, providing a total volume of 430 litres.

AdBlue tanks

The AdBlue tank is made of plastic and the volume is 32 litres. The AdBlue pump is integrated in tank module. There is one variant for vehicles with right-hand mounted fuel tank (ADTP-R), and one for vehicles with left-hand mounted tank (ADTP-L).


The Volvo FL has pneumatic brakes with ventilated discs both front and rear. The EBS (Electronically controlled Brake System) anti-locking disc-brake system provides both faster and safer braking response and promotes reduced brake wear. The system includes features such as ABS, anti-locking brakes, a differential lock and Brake Blending. With Brake Blending, the system exploits the vehicle’s various brakes for more uniform brake application and reduces wear on the wheel brakes and tyres. The extended EBS package includes a function that facilitates starting on slopes. The brake discs are available in different sizes depending on the application.

EBS Medium
In addition to the EBS Standard package, EBS Medium adds the following features:

EBS Status Control
EBS status monitoring via the TEA2+ vehicle electronic system and Volvo Tech Tool.

Hill Start Aid
The brakes are only released once there is sufficient engine torque to propel the vehicle forward.

Lining Wear Analysis
Brake lining warning – calculates the remaining mileage available with the current brake linings. (Only for disc brakes.)

Automatic Parking Brake Release
The parking brake is released when the driver pushes the accelerator pedal and a gear is selected.

Hydraulic retarder for AL306 gearboxes
The compact, integrated hydraulic retarder (RET-HYDR and RET-TPT variants) is mounted on the gearbox. The max effect is 400 kW.

Maximum ratio in the torque converter (TC421) is 1.77:1.

Additional options

In addition to the program packages there are the following options:

ESC (Electronic Stability Control)
The brake stability system applies the brakes individually on each wheel, thereby providing stability for the entire vehicle combination and counteracting jack-knifing, rollover and trailer swing. ESC fulfils the legislation of Electronic Vehicle Stability Control, and is available for 2- and 3-axle vehicles.

Emergency Brake Light
When panic braking from speeds above 50 km/h, the brake lights flash with four flashes per second.

Hydraulic retarder
Gearbox-mounted compact retarder with a max effect of 440 kW.

Like it? Drive it

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Volvo FL Specifications