Volvo FMX Electric. Fit for urban construction

As urban skylines grow rapidly, so do noise and air pollution. The robust Volvo FMX Electric can deliver and remove heavyweight material and machines, even in sensitive parts of the city, with as little disturbance as possible. In doing so, they deliver on the demands set by officials and residents for cleaner and quieter transportation. To simplify the transition to electric transportation, the truck is available with service and support packages for charging, route and range planning, battery monitoring and more.

Up to 44 tonnes GCW

Up to 490 kW power

Up to 300 km range

Stay productive and in control

Adding a Volvo electric truck to your operation is easy. The Volvo Gold Service Contract will include battery monitoring and secure uptime and deliveries with the predictive service planning. We have also added services to optimize truck usage, for instance with route and range planning, positioning with energy status and follow-up reports. All this can be conveniently accessed in the Volvo Connect portal, right next to the other truck and support functions. Routes can be shared between the office and the cab, and the driver can easily view the state of charge, control the parking heater and more via the MyTruck app.

Smooth and powerful powertrain

Two or three electric motors combined with an I-Shift gearbox adapted for electromobility provide a smooth and powerful driving experience. The massive power of up to 490 kW/666 hp is handled by a unique traction control system also developed to master slippery surfaces. Different drive modes are available to set the desired performance, comfort and energy usage levels. The six battery packs produce up to 540 kWh, ensuring sufficient range for your building and construction assignments.

Specifications – Volvo FMX Electric


Volvo FMX Electric

Axle Configurations​

Tractor: 4×2, 6×2​, 6x4

Rigid: 4×2, 6×2, 6×4, 8×2, 8×4

All axles are air suspended



Low day cab, day cab, low sleeper cab, sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab


Gross Combination Weight 

Up to 44 tonnes  
Battery capacity180–540 kWh, 2-6 batteries.  


Up to 300 km range  
Charging time (full charge​)

9.5h with AC (43 kW)

2.5h with DC (250 kW)



2–3 electric motors, I-Shift gearbox  
PerformanceUp to 330–490 kW (450–666 hp) continuous power  


Suitability for body-work. 3 PTO:s (electrical, mechanical and transmission)






Purpose-built electric trucks. Towards zero emissions

Any truck. All-electric.

Purpose-built electric trucks. Towards zero emissions.

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