How can a fleet management system help you save fuel?

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In order to work with constant improvements of your business, you need the right tools and information. I’m convinced that a good fleet management system is the most effective way of addressing this. Here is why.

What is a fleet management tool?

Essentially, a fleet management system is an automated tool that can help you co-ordinate and manage a group of commercial vehicles from one centralised interface. It can handle truck maintenance, status, tracking, routing, scheduling, financing and communication, ensuring that your operation runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Even better, all this information is easily accessible.

But what are the actual benefits of a decent fleet management system? There are many, but for now let’s take a look at how it can help you to reduce fuel consumption.

Improving fuel efficiency

Given that it analyses a wide range of parameters, a fleet management tool can not only pinpoint exactly where you are wasting fuel, it can also show how to address the issue, by:

  • Monitoring engine idling times, truck weight, speed and how you drive, and providing recommendations on how to improve
  • Planning and securing proper maintenance on vehicles, such as the right tyre pressure
  • Utilising GPS tracking in real time to suggest the best routes to avoid congestion
  • Locating rest stops and service centres en route, eliminating the need to search for them
  • Choosing the right vehicle for the job, based on the delivery route and the location and status of your truck(s)

Reducing fuel costs is just one example of how a fleet management system can help your business – there are benefits related to practically every aspect of your transport operation.

Do you want to learn more? Feel free to download my guide on how a fleet management tool can benefit your business on a number of fronts including:

  • Route planning
  • Driver safety
  • Customer satisfaction
  • The ability to stay on top of the latest technologies

Johan Rundberg

Johan Rundberg works as Service Owner for Fleet and Productivity Services at Volvo Trucks.

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