Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge

Welcome to the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge – our demanding driver skills competition. It’s all about the driver. And the important role drivers play when it comes to safety, fuel efficiency and productivity. Yes, when it comes to overall success, the driver makes the difference. 

A competition like no other

Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge highlights drivers who take safe, fuel efficient and productive driving to an art form. It brings together the world’s top truck drivers, carefully selected through local competitions or nominations. The winner from each market will win a tailor-made program to Sweden - the home of Volvo Trucks, which will include a visit to our production facility, the Volvo Museum, the Volvo Trucks Experience Center plus much, much more.

Welcome to the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2019!

Are you ready for an opportunity of a lifetime? Do you want a chance to compete to become your countries' Champion of the Volvo Trucks Driver Challenge 2019? Contact your closest dealer for more information.

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