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With Crawler Gears through icy forests

Icy, narrow, hilly roads, and a total mass of 76 tonnes. The transportation of timber through Finland’s forests is a demanding task for both drivers and vehicles. But with Volvo’s I-Shift with crawler gears, Saku Simpanen and his team can take on ...

Creating the perfect truck sound

Truck noise is often taken for granted. It is simply there. However, a team at Volvo is dedicated to increasing safety and comfort by optimizing the interior and exterior sounds made by trucks. ...

Lighter trucks for higher payload

Operating in a highly-competitive market, Arclid Transport needed to maximise payload and increase productivity. By investing in specific transport solutions combined with driver training, fleet manager Peter Conway successfully achieved these goals....

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How drivers can benefit from Volvo Dynamic Steering

Perfect stability at high speeds, total control at low speeds, and significantly less strain on muscles and joints. Since the groundbreaking Volvo Dynamic Steering system (VDS) was launched in 2013, it has fundamentally changed many people’s driving ...

Six tips for choosing a city distribution truck

The number of options for city distribution can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. Tobias Bergman, Product Manager at Volvo Trucks outlines six factors to consider....

Crash tests and simulations – the ART of avoiding accidents

Since 1969 Volvo’s Accident Research Team (ART) has investigated thousands of traffic accidents. Through the team’s close collaboration with Volvo Trucks’ product development, its findings have a big impact: both in developing technical solutions to ...

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One minute – Active safety

New technology is enabling increasingly sophisticated active safety systems to be installed in heavy trucks. By helping drivers to prevent accidents, these systems are saving lives and making our roads safer for everyone....

One minute – Visibility

In traffic limited visibility compromises safety, both for drivers and other road users. This is why Volvo Trucks designs its cabs to minimise distractions and offer maximum visibility. Features includes extra large windows, slim designs for ...

One minute – I-Shift Dual Clutch

Volvo Trucks’ I-Shift Dual Clutch enables seamless gear changes, using sports car technology that is totally unique in the heavy trucks market. When conditions demand a lot of shifting, this gearbox really comes into its own. In fact, the heavier the ...

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