Do more than required

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The distance between someone who consistently achieve their goals and those who spend careers without a goal, is the extra mile. This is the precious lesson we learn when we speak with Mr. Arnab Dutta a Service Technician, posted at SICAL Amlori site.
Do more than required

There is nothing unusual about Arnab Dutta, a young technician who joined Volvo Trucks 3.5 years ago. Like most of us he goes to work every morning, is part of a 35 member team managing Risk Sharing Agreement in 3 shifts. What is unusual is, ask the customer who they trust with their fleet and they insist on dealing with Arnab. Now if that is not a testimony to commitment and dedication then what is?

Do not walk the beaten track
Why would a customer rate Arnab’s service a whopping 9 on a scale of 10? The answer is very simple. Arnab believes customer’s vehicle is his own vehicle. He knows that it is his duty to ensure that the customers get maximum uptime and the vehicles are available at all times. Common attitude is to be reactive, but if one is proactive and foresees a situation, it is possible to deliver more than expectations. The first priority is to identify the vehicles which are not available, plan the parts availability and the availability of resources. The trick is to give the best possible service with the given resources at any given point of time.

Follow the process
If you are wondering how Arnab does this day in day out without fail, he says it is very simple; every site has a Site Manual and one has to follow it meticulously. The Site Manual clearly states what to do when something goes wrong, who to call and how to solve the problem in the shortest possible time. Documentation also plays a key role in aiding the right service at the right time. There is a proper channel for communication, which if one follows the hierarchy properly; the problems get addressed quickly as the entire team works in coordination. Arnab began his career handling smaller sites single handed and was later transferred to the SICAL site to join the team of technicians.

Just do it
If there is a problem address it immediately. There were two instances where Arnab showed extraordinary problem solving capabilities. Once there was an issue with the rear axle of the tippers and these tippers could not be brought to the workshop and needed attention in the mines itself. The team also found it difficult to work in the mines due to the dusty environment. Arnab says it’s a different high when you start making your own decisions and get the support of the ASM. Curiosity drives him. So Arnab decided to get the repairs done with hand tools, got the tippers to run, and then they were brought to the workshop for finishing the job.

The second instance was when the tipping cylinders of the Hyva body were giving trouble. There was a part of the cylinder that was required, but the part number was missing. The local Hyva team was unable to support due to some local issues, so Arnab with the help of his ASM got in touch with Bangalore and got the required parts to sort the issue and the vehicles were back in operation.

Arnab Dutta hails from a town Kandi in West Bengal and his family consists of his parents, a brother, his sister-in-law and their child. He has a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Bandwan Govt. Polytechnic College, Purulia, West Bengal. “I love what I do. When you start a job don’t lose sight of the end result. Once the goal is set, never divert from the path till it is achieved.” Arnab Dutta

“He is highly responsible, reliable and sincere person. Because of his remarkable contribution, the breakdown time reduced is the site. He manages customer relations very well and is good in leading his team. I rate him 9 out of 10 for Customer Satisfaction.” Mr. Vishaw Vandhu B Rai (AGM) SICAL

“Arnab has a positive attitude and is very customer centric. His ownership level is very high and takes responsibility of ensuring the trucks are roadworthy at all times, irrespective of the fact he is on leave at times. He is always in touch with the customer and the customer also considers him the first point of contact in times of need. This is a big asset for us at Volvo Trucks.” Vivekananda Ghorai, ASM – Region North, Volvo Trucks.

“Once the goal is set, never divert from the path till it is achieved.” ARNAB DUTTA

Customer benefits

  • Streamlined site operations
  • Having a dependable resource
  • Uptime met at par with target
  • Cost maintenance under control

Volvo Trucks benefits

  • Site operations were managed without any disputes
  • Parts consumption reduced from 30% above cap to 12% above cap
  • No penalty on uptimeimposed