Thriving through decades of experience in Road Construction

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1965: Mr. Gumani Ram Agarwal from a remote village Sekhawati in Churu Dist., Rajasthan is standing at a road construction site along the India Pakistan border. There is minimal automation. Mr. Gumani Ram Agarwal with his cousins is delivering a road construction project worth around INR 10 lakh. Did he envision the enormity of the business prospects then?
Thriving through decades of experience in Road Construction

2019: Mr. Devki Nandan Agarwal, the eldest born of Mr. Gumani Ram Agarwal along with his brothers today run G R Infraprojects with 11,000 employees, over 30,000 contractual employees, a fleet of over 2000 vehicles and 4000 drivers. G R Infraprojects is a major player in the national EPC segment with a cluster of roads/highway construction projects under development across 18 states with pan India visibility.

This is the narrative of one man’s vision which was followed up by people with a good business acumen and kind hearts to build an organization that is a formidable name to reckon with in the road construction space across the country. A saga of passion and prosperity, of challenges and the relentless struggle of Mr. Devki Nandan Agarwal and his siblings, second generation entrepreneurs, who ardently believe in their father’s words ‘if opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’.

The journey begins when the first step is taken In 1976, Mr. Gumani had to slow down his pace due to health issues. After a lull of two years his six sons started fuelling the business slowly. They built it step by step, moving to Jodhpur, where there were more opportunities. In 1984 they moved to Udaipur, where they worked on a number of smaller projects. In 1992 they renamed their business G R Agarwal Builders & Developers Ltd. In 2004-2005 they took baby steps into road construction when they worked as a sub-contractor with Ashoka Buildcon on the Sherghad-Ramji Goud Highway. Their primary business operations are broadly divided into three categories: Civil construction activities, Development of roads and highways on a BOT basis and manufacturing activities, under which it processes Bitumen, Manufacture of thermoplastic road-marking paint and road signage’s and fabrication and galvanization of metal crash barriers.

The pillars of GR Infraprojects Mr. Devki Nandan Agarwal looks after the maintenance of equipment, his brother Mr. Vinod Kumar is the Managing Director of the company, Mr. Mahendar Agarwal is in charge of the machinery, Mr. Ajendra Agarwal looks after the tenders and design and Mr. Purushottam Agarwal is in charge of Finance. Like fingers of a hand, they work together for the common good of G R Infraprojects Ltd.

Volvo Trucks partnering progress G R Infrastructure is currently working on projects worth over INR 20,000 Cr. The Devarapalli Gundu Golanu 4 -lane project is where the tippers were to be deployed. These projects are time bound and carry a heavy penalty if timelines are not met. They were looking for higher productivity and efficiency. They met their match when they were introduced to FM380 8x4 Construction Tippers.

The Volvo FM380 8x4 is robust, durable and reinforced where it matters. It is a Construction Tipper that exudes toughness and robustness in Road Construction applications. G R Infraprojects assessed the Volvo FM380 8x4 and found it compatible on every count. They are the first customers of the Volvo FM380 8x4 to have bought 10 tippers.

Mr. Devki Nandan is all praise for the high uptime and the productivity of these trucks at site. This is the first fleet of Volvo’s that are being inducted into their fleet. “I think Volvo Trucks as a whole wants to grow with our business. They want to be a part of the business. Every step of the way, they’ve been working with us.”

Everyone has a responsibility to the society “We believe that we have roles to play in the society and what we take from the society must be given back”, says Mr. Agarwal. Inheriting values and culture from his parents, the Agarwal siblings help the society by making the milieu around communities to be healthy. “This is the way we do business.” Mr. Agarwal says with pride. Mr. Agarwal spares no effort in strongly supporting the 30,000 strong taskforce that makes them successful by providing financial support, community development, infrastructure back-up, healthcare and education. As a CSR initiative, wherever we work, we build schools for their children. One such school is being built in the rural areas of Udaipur”, says Mr. Agarwal. “We have adopted a child ward in one of Udaipur’s Government Hospitals in our father’s village. We renovated it completely making it children friendly - complete with cartoon murals, toys and attractive paint jobs. We installed 90 high quality beds as a total makeover of the child ward in government hospitals. Our efforts for making the society better will continue. This is what gives us a sense of accomplishment”, says Mr. Agarwal.

Volvo Trucks is proud to partner with GR Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd. and be the right solutions partner in their future endeavours.

“In our business there are 3 key challenges; namely Cost-efficiency, Productivity and Uptime and the FM380 8x4 along with the Volvo support solutions, address these key challenges.”


Customers Challenge. Our Opportunities. In road construction, punctuality is totally decisive, and our customers based across the globe are unique with their demands. They operate with multiple businesses and are faced with specific challenges. In spite of the differences, they have one thing in common: they have chosen us as a supplier. It is great to experience this confidence, but it also represents a huge responsibility.

We have to earn this trust, day after day, year after year. In our relationship with our customers, we naturally learn about their businesses in detail. This insight enables us to create value for them by putting together the right solutions from our product portfolio of products, services and financing. In our daily partnership with our customers, we are also given ideas to make our efforts even better in the future.

Deepak Agarwal,