Vista debut team “Black Diamond” ready for their first Vista experience!!!

Team Black Diamond representing VSPC Bhubaneswar is participating for the first time in VISTA Championship. They have successfully completed all 3 Rounds of the VISTA 2019-2020 Competition. Having an average experience of 10 months in Volvo, this team has only one goal in mind – to learn and to use VISTA 2019-2020 as a platform for the future! We asked this team about their experience on their journey in VISTA.
Black Diamond

This is what they had to say:

How has been your experience in participating VISTA for the first time?
“VISTA has been a journey of learning so far. This experience has helped create a platform for us in future competitions as well. Through this competition, we have experienced the benefits of teamwork & overall development. Since we are a young team in Volvo, we have had an exciting and challenging experience”.

How did you prepare for the VISTA Rounds?
“We formed a team of 3 people who were posted in the Workshop. Once the VISTA questions were uploaded, we used to stay back in the workshop after work hours. On an average we would have put in about 12 to 13 hours every week working on answers during VISTA Rounds. We all took collective responsibility while answering questions and it helped us learn as well as challenge each other while brain storming to finalize the answers. We also used all possible Volvo applications to source answers from.”

What VISTA learnings have you implemented into your workplace?
“The quickest learning that we could implement was enhancing our usage on IMPACT and technical applications while carrying out Service & Repairs at the workshop. Additionally, Workshop Safety protocols and safe working practices have been put into practice through the Pitstop Challenge e-learnings. Team Work and dependency on each other for

Service/Parts/Warranty related work has also seen a positive change. Good communication in a workshop environment gets results and, knowing each other as we do, we are able to make this work positively.”

Do you think that by participating in VISTA, it makes a difference to the Customer/business?
“Yes. It does make a difference. VISTA has a big role in developing our business and building the reputation of first class service for our customers. By gaining more knowledge, the number of errors reduce. This will go a long way in enhancing the Quality of Service/Repairs. As VISTA focuses on processes and usage of Volvo applications, not only as a Tool to gain knowledge, but also to ensure that the right service is provided in the right way.”

What tips would you like to give to other first time participating teams?
“Maximise your opportunity of learning through VISTA and don’t be bogged down by the marks you score. What you learn values much higher than the score you get. Face the challenges and enhance your interest in seeking information through hard work and dedication. And remember always to ensure that you follow the process and not take short cuts. Have patience even when you do not arrive at the correct answers as every learning is important. And lastly, enjoy every moment as VISTA is More than a Competition.”

The Team would also like to thank their Line Manager and the Workshop staff for providing a chance to participate in VISTA. They had constant support and communication being passed on from their VISTA Dealer Leader.

Team Black Diamond, Bhubaneswar
Team Leader : Indrojit Malick, Uptime Administrator
Team Members : Arijit Chakraborty, Parts Technician
                       : Ranajit Das, Service Technician
                       : Sankha Subra Banerjee, Warranty Handler