Volvo Trucks making further gains in fuel efficiency and performance on its heavy-duty drivelines

Volvo Trucks is introducing several important new updates to its 11 and 13 liter engines with Euro 6 that succeed in delivering the combined benefits of reducing fuel consumption while improving drivability.
The latest enhancements to Volvo Trucks proven driveline technology can benefit from a combination of saving fuel and upgraded drivability.

“Cutting fuel consumption is crucial for all transport companies, especially those with long haul operations. At the same time, they want to have instant access to high performance. Now with these latest enhancements to our proven driveline technology, they can benefit from this unique combination of saving fuel and upgraded drivability,” says <insert MD at local market> at Volvo Trucks <add country>.

“Best-ever fuel performance” on well-known test route

The Volvo FH with I-Save, that is already known for its low fuel consumption, is also getting the same updates on the engine and driveline. In 2020 during a fuel test on the Green Truck Award test route north of Munich, Germany, it achieved a “best ever” result, with a fuel consumption of 22.7 liters per 100km and an average speed of 80.35 km/h. Several independent trade press tests in France this year have confirmed the leading fuel performance position. Now the record numbers can be improved even further.

“We already have a lot of proof from haulers that confirm the low consumption of the Volvo FH with I-Save. So, we are really excited about how the new driveline improvements will make Volvo FH with I-Save even more fuel efficient, contributing directly to a better bottom line for our customers. Sales of the new updated drivelines have already started,” explains <local MD>.

Fine tuning that adds up to substantial improvements

When I-Shift was first launched in 2001, Volvo Trucks was confirming its strong belief in a clutch-based transmission system as the most efficient design for automatic gear changing. Since then, more than one million trucks have been sold globally with I-Shift technology. The significant drivability improvements now being added are attained by the new way in which the I-Shift gearbox interacts with the engine. The updated I-Shift uses a new gear shifting strategy that not only provides faster shifting, but also gives a smoother and more harmonious driving experience.

The lower fuel consumption is achieved through reduced friction in the engine and a refined combustion process. The engine torque is expertly controlled in a clever way by the updated I-See feature, which optimizes the engine’s performance by considering the road topography ahead and the vehicle weight.

“The Volvo engineers have really managed to bring significant new improvements to an already sophisticated driveline. Although it is a bit too early to share the exact figures, we can say that our field tests with customers are very promising,” continues <insert MD at local market>.

Volvo Trucks plan to become fossil free

Volvo Trucks goal is that electric trucks will account for half of its sales in 2030 and ten years later, in 2040, all Volvo trucks sold should be fossil free. The internal combustion engine will continue to play a role and improved efficiency coming from these new advances in the drivelines is one important way to contribute to lower the CO2 emissions.

“We are committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change, and we are taking firm action to dramatically lower CO2 emissions related to on-road freight transports,” concludes <MD local market>.

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