Safe driving for safer transports

Dynafleet safety

Harsh braking and intervention by the truck’s active safety system could indicate a difficult traffic situation. Dynafleet Safety helps you to identify these situations. And since safe driving generally means improved fuel efficiency as well as less wear and tear, this service offers many benefits.

Acceleration, brakes and behaviour

Dynafleet Safety provides a solid foundation for improving your transport operations. By recording driver behaviour like harsh braking and harsh acceleration, improvement potentials become apparent. This is a good start for driver training efforts.

Active safety system intervention

The Safety service also logs events, where the truck’s active safety systems like Forward Collision Warning with Emergency Brake and Electronic Stability Control intervene to avoid incidents or accidents. Frequent events can be triggered by a difficult traffic situation and therefore call for attentive and careful driving.

Key Benefits

  • A fact-based foundation for safety analysis.
  • Offers both notifications for attention and reports for follow-up.
  • Improve safety mindset and minimise accidents.
  • Safety is a competitive advantage.

Discover the potential

Your Volvo Trucks dealer can show you how Dynafleet Safety helps you get the full potential of your vehicles and drivers.