Over Dimensional Cargo Movement

You need to go beyond the ordinary to pull the heaviest cargo. Our solutions make sure you can be in full control, whether slowly pulling away or covering ground at a pace. Safety and reliability are of utmost importance when carrying critical components. Drivers spend months together in the cabin. So driver comfort is essential. And the Volvo FM fits the bill perfectly.

Volvo FM 500 6x4 Puller

Perfect solution where all numbers are extreme

Key product information

Max Power: 500 hp @ 1530-1800 rpm
Max Torque: 2500 Nm @ 980-1270 rpm
Emissions: BS-VI/Euro 6
Gross Combination Weight: 179.5 tons
Safe and comfortable new FM sleeper cabin

Key features

I-shift transmission with ultra-low crawler gears.
Stretch braking
Heavy haulage mode
All steel welded ballast body.

Explore the solutions we made to make your life easier and your operation even better.

  • The visibility
    Excellent visibility with generous window areas and well-designed mirrors.
  • Comfortable cabs
    The sleeper cab with air suspended seat keeps comfort levels high, noise levels low and offer plenty of space for you and the things you need.
  • Ultra-modern displays & control
    The new intuitive driver interface gives all the information about the truck’s health and performance. The pre-trip check runs diagnostics automatically. Mobile connectivity to the truck serves the purpose of infotainment and communication. 
  •  I-Shift
    New FM500 6x4 has the state of the art I-Shift 14 speed automated manual transmission with ultra-low crawler gears which chooses the best gear in the interest of power and fuel economy. Heavy haulage mode helps pull overweight cargo with ease
  • Traction when you need it
    Take control of your traction and your productivity. Differential locks are easily controlled via an easy-to-use knob
  • Volvo Service Planning
    Breakdowns and urgent repairs cost you uptime and income. Proactive servicing and preventive maintenance save them. So, it pays to plan. And the great news is we will do it for you. A Volvo Service Plan is specially created for your truck and business. Your uptime is optimized.

Build your future

Talk with your local Volvo Trucks dealer to find the best solution for your heavy haulage business.