Long Haulage

Long haul demands the highest reliability. The operations should run non-stop as the demand of timelines are very important. The driver must spend most of his time in the cabin. The fleet managers have to get continuous update of the truck’s location, driver’s behavior and should also be able to communicate with him. The Volvo FM  tractor gives the most comprehensive solution in long haul operations that place high importance on safety, reliability, driver comfort and turn-around time.

Volvo FM 420 4x2 T

The perfect solution for express cargo logistics

Key product information

Max Power: 420 hp @ 1400-1800 rpm
Max Torque: 2100 Nm @ 860-1400 rpm
Economy speed range: 950-1400 rpm
Emissions: BS-VI/Euro 6
Safe and comfortable new FM sleeper cabin

Key features

Sleeper cabin
I-shift automated manual gear box.
Cruise control
Secondary information display with Connectivity features


Explore the solutions we made to make your life easier and your operation even better.

  • The visibility
    Excellent visibility with generous window areas and well-designed mirrors.
  • Comfortable cabin
    Keeps the driver productive even after long hours of working in rough terrain.
  • Fully digital and dynamic driver display
    The new intuitive driver interface gives all the information about the truck’s health and performance. The pre-trip check runs diagnostics automatically. Mobile connectivity to the truck serves the purpose of infotainment and communication.
    There is an additional 9” touch screen secondary information display which can display load indicator, trip meters, driver coaching and can take third party apps.
  • I-shift
    Get excellent startability even when fully loaded- and secure full control of your power allow low speeds
  • Maintain and control the speed
    The cruise control helps you to maintain the speed and downhill cruise control to control the speed while going down the slopes using auxiliary brakes VEB+, so as to reduce brake wear
  • .Volvo Service Planning
    Breakdowns and urgent repairs cost you uptime and income. Proactive servicing and preventive maintenance save them. So, it pays to plan. And the great news is- we will do it for you. A Volvo Service Plan is specially created for your truck and business.

Ready to go the extra mile

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