Calculate your environmental footprint

Environmental care is one of our core values and we want to help you make the right choices by giving you a holistic view of your environmental impact. We are proud to present the facts of the full lifecycle impact and this is how we take our responsibility.

Why should I calculate my environmental footprint?

If you look for sustainable transportation, you probably know that your trucks’ total environmental footprint is not limited to the CO2 emissions from using them. You’ll also need to include everything from extraction of raw materials and other resources used in manufacturing, to emissions from recycling.

Use the calculator when planning your future fleet. You’ll get a holistic view of how different choices can change your environmental footprint, and you can easily compare your alternatives at hand. See how an electric Volvo truck compares to a gas-powered or diesel-powered, in your operation – based on your mileage and your energy mix. If your customers care about sustainability, the calculator can give a clear indication of how your trucks minimise the environmental footprint in their transport chain. And you can win more contracts.

The impact is analysed in three areas


This calculation includes the entire production, even extraction of raw materials, transportation of materials and parts, as well as assembly.


This section covers the environmental impact of the service life of a truck, including production of fuels, fuel consumption and service.


These calculations include emissions of recycling, waste and credits for recycling

Volvo Trucks is proud that we can claim to have the facts of the full lifecycle impact. That is how we can take responsibility.

How we do our calculations

The purpose of the calculator is to help you calculate the CO2 emissions from your truck. The calculations are based on extensive research and testing of trucks. Lifecycle assessments have been carried out and form the basis. They include material production from the extraction of the raw materials to the manufacturing of the parts used both at our suppliers’ plants and at our own production plants in Europe.

Maintenance is also included as material recycling, transport between plants, production of fuel and tailpipe emissions. In the scrapping phase, credit is given for avoiding production of new metal for the next product.

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