Tree Transplanter

"Care for the environment has been one of Volvo’s core values since the ‘70s. Amongst various initiatives taken in this direction like best-in-class technology to reduce emissions, providing transport solutions with alternate fuels etc. we have also identified the need of the hour to save the trees. Through our better understanding of the value of a matured tree towards the environment, Volvo Trucks is now pioneering the Tree Transplantation solution which can be deployed to transplant as many trees and thereby lessen the impact on the environment."

Tree Transplanting

Benefits of Tree Transplanting

Environmental degradation is currently the most critical area of concern not only in India but also globally and the pace of degradation is increasing at a rapid rate. Urbanization, Mining, Infrastructure growth etc. have resulted in deforestation which is adversely impacting the weather and also leaving behind severe repercussions on Human life. When it comes to re-planting the trees and improving the green cover, there is a significant ecological imbalance and disparity.

The bigger and moderately mature living trees will provide wide range of benefits to us in terms of air filtration, produce sufficient oxygen, supporting the flora and fauna, reducing the soil erosion, help conserve the energy, reduce the UV-B sun rays impact on us and also acting as the carbon dioxide sinks etc. Whereas the newly planted seedlings and very young trees will of course help improve the extent of green cover but a no-match in comparison to value benefits from a bigger tree. Hence for a sustainable future, it is very much essential for all of us together to conserve the trees and protect our environment to the extent possible. 

Our Total Solution Offer

We offer Tree Transplantation solution as two distinct business model;

  1. Tree Transplanter machine - Volvo Trucks will offer sales and support services of the full equipment.
  2. Tree Transplanting Project - Volvo Trucks will also be responsible for executing the complete Tree transplanting activites with agreed survival rate of trees after transplantation.

For further details, contact:

Amalesh Maity
Head- Strategic Business
Ph no: +91-7603057293