Evolved for challenges

Volvo FMX cab exterior

If you’re already a fan of the Volvo FMX design, its latest evolution won’t disappoint. It has an entirely new, modern profile, which is more sophisticated and confident than ever. Bring on the most challenging assignments.

The cab is newly designed with an upright profile, more interior space, generous window areas and a low door line. The lower front reinforces its iconically tough profile, together with the sleek V-shaped headlamps. 

The distinctive lines of the headlamps flow with the cab’s shape, proceeding around the front corner and stretching back on the cab sides. True to the Volvo FMX concept, the robust front is protective, durable and its parts are easily replaceable if needed.

You’ll also see that the iron mark in the front is bigger and when you get closer to entering, you’ll notice that the entry steps have a new robust design with a long lasting anti-slip surface. On top of the cab, a steel roof hatch sets the bar for protection in tough operating environments. Details that make a difference.

Volvo FMX Exterior images

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