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Digitalisation is rapidly reshaping society and the transport industry is no exception. Carina Holm, Services Manager at Volvo Trucks, explains how launching Volvo Connect, a single interface for information and services, will make customers’ lives easier.
Carina Holm
Carina Holm, Services Manager at Volvo Trucks, believes that Volvo Connect will support customers as they strive for profitability and efficiency gains.

What impact is digitalisation having on the transport industry?
“When everything gets digitalised, new opportunities emerge and customer behaviours change. A lot is driven by software with big data, analytics and AI. The software platforms that are coming out, such as Uber and Airbnb, are transforming business models and challenging many of the established norms.

Looking at the transport industry today, we see a lot of waste. For example, trucks are typically not used to their full extent throughout their lifecycle. Through digitalisationand data, there is real potential for creating services that reduce waste in the transport system.”

What specific opportunities can you see?
“What is most important is being able to make our customers’ lives easier and simpler, by making relevant information accessible when needed. For example, connectivity can help keep track of vehicles in real time, improve uptime through truck monitoring and preventive maintenance. Other digital services can help reduce administration and ensure regulatory compliance.

There are so many gains to be made. This is why collaboration with customers is important, because they know what brings the most value to their business, so that together we can create an optimal solution.”

What is Volvo Connect?
“Volvo Connect is a single interface for accessing valid information, getting news and accessing functions and services. This includes Volvo Trucks’ digital services and services from third - party providers. In short, Volvo Connect provides the user with one window into the whole digitial world. This will make it possible for us to support our customers as they strive for profitability and efficiency gains; and thereby assist them in their need to reduce costs, increase revenue and comply with legal demands.”

What specific needs will Volvo Connect help meet?
“One of the barriers at the moment is that customers often need multiple interfaces to access the full spectrum of information and services available. However, by combining everything into a single interface, Volvo Connect greatly improves ease and convenience. Right now, it includes Dynafleet, Service Planning and some of Volvo Trucks’ other digital services, as well as three additional functions: Vehicle Status, Safety Report and Data Access. Over time, we will expand the available content and customers will be able to choose from a broad range of different services and tools, from both us and selected partners. This will enable customers to adapt Volvo Connect to suit their specific needs and choose the services that contribute the most value to their business.”

About Volvo Connect

  • Volvo Connect will provide one single digital interface, making it easier to access valid information, functions and services essential for running successful operations.
  • Volvo Connect will be launched in September 2018. It will be updated and expanded regularly over the coming years.

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