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Parts contract

Customer’s business needs are often pivoted upon high vehicle availability, long asset life cycle and high resale value of vehicle. In order to support our customer’s operational needs, we have created this service to ensure parts availability at the customer’s doorstep by means of stocking of parts based on consumption, packaged with easier purchase transactions. Transparency in parts usage, high responsiveness on part support and most importantly – constant availability of Genuine Volvo Parts ensures better vehicle uptime.


  • Constant availability of Genuine Volvo Parts
  • Parts availability at the customer’s doorstep
  • Specially packaged with easier purchase transactions

Service support contract

Certified and dedicated maintenance supervisors are deputed at each site. They are solely responsible for developing the customer’s service/maintenance organization through on the job training and day to day supervision. They also establish the optimized routines and processes to maximize uptime and provide assistance on critical repairs with the right tools. The supervisor establishes process and routines as per the best practices and to suit the operations of the customer. Technical expertise is made available at the time of critical failures. Our parts technician plans parts stocking based on the specific requirements at each site. Volvo special tools are made available whenever required.


  • Certified and dedicated service supervisors
  • Provide assistance on critical repairs
  • Parts planning, stocking & monitoring based on customer’s requirements
  • Volvo special tools are made available 

Synergy contract

Synergy Agreement meets the growing customer expectation for upgrade of regular site services along with parts support. In Synergy, resources are optimized to suit the varying fleet sizes of the customers. With the sign up for Synergy, monitoring of site conditions goes a long way in enhancing the life of the trucks. Structured review of all activities ensures a strong focus towards maintaining the health of the Truck.


  • Upgraded Service support
  • Optimized no. of manpower depending on the fleet size
  • Uptime for vehicle or parts as required
  • Enhanced review and monitoring of operations and costs