Climate Wise Edition Trucks

The climate issues are on top of the environmental agenda, with calls for immediate action echoing around the globe. Volvo Trucks recognizes the sense of urgency. We can’t wait for the solutions of tomorrow, instead we must take action here and now. This is where our Climate Wise Edition trucks enter the stage.

Every improvement matters

The Climate Wise Edition trucks are transport solutions for regional and long haul that are more sustainable through their entire lifecycle. We have taken actions to make our factories climate neutral. The remaining CO2 emissions, generated in the production chain, are climate compensated. The compensation is certified according to Gold Standard and included with each Climate Wise Edition truck.

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Climate Wise Edition truck models

Climate Wise Edition trucks are available as the fuel-efficient Volvo FH with I-Save, the gas-powered Volvo FH LNG and the gas-powered Volvo FM LNG. They are designed to offer you fuel-efficient operation with high performance and lower CO2 emissions. If your ambition is to reduce your CO2 footprint to improve your sustainability – the Climate Wise Edition trucks might be the right choice.

A local project for emissions reductions

The Climate Wise Edition trucks are climate compensated in cooperation with our partner South Pole, a leading developer of global emissions reduction projects for voluntary compensation. In addition to the direct climate benefit, the project also contributes to sustainable ecological and social development in the villages and regions they exist.

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