Bring your crew


Does your operation include more than the driver and a codriver? The Volvo crew cab can accommodate a crew of up to nine. They can all enter and exit the cab quick and safely. With the crew cab, we make the truck extra bodybuilder friendly. Take a closer look.


Tailored for your work

Depending on your needs, you can get your crew cab with a great variety of seat configurations. You can, for instance, get seats for up to nine fire fighters in a single fire truck. Two in the front, three in the middle row and four in the rear row. If you want to, you can equip the cab with a separate parking heater and air condition for the crew.

Efficiently and safe

We know the importance of getting in and out of the cab as fast yet as safely as possible. The doors open at a wide angle. Well positioned hand-holds and steps facilitates easy entry and exit. All seats have seat belts, the crew cab has of course passed the cab impact test.

Dedicated to bodybuilding

The superstructure on your truck is probably complex and need all the space it can get. Therefore, we decided to stay out of the bodybuilder’s way and facilitate the building process. Major components like fuel tanks, batteries and exhaust aftertreatment system are positioned under the cab.

Prepared for installation

To cut lead times for bodybuilding and avoid dismounting of interior panels, the electrical installation is prepared with pre-routed wires and electrical connection points are pre-defined.

Power for tough use

Choose between the D11 and the D13 engine and a wide range of engine power take-offs. For operations with high capacity requirements, power take-offs for up to 2000 Nm are available.

Available for these trucks

Want to tailor a truck for a whole crew?

Talk to your dealer.