More control, less strain


Are you looking for perfect stability and control at all speeds, combined with reduced strain on your muscles? Or do you want assistance to avoid skidding and unintentional lane changes? Take a closer look at Volvo Dynamic Steering. It brings you all that, plus your own personal settings. And it even offers remote steering control.

How does it work?

Volvo Dynamic Steering combines conventional hydraulic power steering with an electric motor that’s fitted to the steering gear. By processing input from multiple sensors, the system works out where the truck is going and the driver’s intention. The motor is controlled 2,000 times every second to correct unintentional steering movements and provide extra steering torque when needed.

Stable and effortless

At high speeds, Volvo Dynamic Steering keeps you stable and on course. And during slow and careful manoeuvring, it provides the steering force for you, no matter the load. It even takes the strain out of reversing a fully loaded truck and returns the wheel to neutral automatically. You can reverse more than a 100 metres without drifting off course.

Arrow straight

The course corrections you make after braking on an uneven surface? Gone. Kicks from potholes, road ruts and markings? Almost undetectable. Volvo Dynamic Steering even balances the impact of strong side winds. Loosen your grip on the steering wheel – the truck will only change direction when you want it to.

The way you like it

Personal Settings put you in charge. You set the steering wheel resistance to suit the driving conditions and your preferences. Either you choose a predefined setting or a fully customized one. The result? It gives you exactly the driving experience you want.

Avoid skidding

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Stability Assist minimizes the risk of skidding accidents. Should the system detect a skid, it immediately provides light steering wheel assistance. This helps steer the truck in the opposite direction and stabilises the vehicle — before you even know that something is about to happen.

Stay in your lane

Volvo Dynamic Steering with Lane Keeping Assist is there to help you stay in your lane. Should the system detect that your truck approaches the lane markings, it actively helps you back into the centre of the lane. It’s hardly noticeable, but it takes safety to a new level.

Pass the remote!

Volvo Dynamic Steering with External Steering lets you operate your truck via a remote control. This is ideal for when you need to make small, repetitive movements with your truck combined with working outside the cab. Your productivity improves, and your working day becomes a lot more comfortable.

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