Driving Progress

Driving Progress

It’s our promise.

Today, we find ourselves in an extremely challenging situation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But for us at Volvo Trucks, understand ‘Uptime’ is the time the truck is fully operational or ready to perform its duties and for our customers, high vehicle uptime is more important than ever. When it comes to support, we leave no stone unturned

The promise of uptime has always been at the core of our service. It continues to be so. We will keep focusing every effort to secure uptime for your operations and will continue to deliver service excellence.

Shared below are stories, Show our commitment to support our customers fulfilling their promises.

CJ DARCL Logistics Ltd

They were to deliver a consignment to the Kolkata Port on 25 April, 2020. The truck with the consignment had a problem with the alternator and it stalled on the way. Nearest town was Ranchi 16 km away and the nearest service center was in Dhanbad.

With the ongoing lockdown, the driver Mr. Sukhdev got in touch with Upcountry Vehicle Pvt. Ltd [Volvo Dealer and Service Center]. This incident was reported on 23 April, 2020 and in the initial phase the engineers tried assisting the driver via Calls / video conference, but soon realized that it was not something that could be handled single handedly.

The team at Upcountry sought all the necessary permissions and 2 of their engineers namely Mr. Ravi Keshri and Mr. Ravi Pramanik, headed to the breakdown site in the VAS vehicle.

The team followed the circuit-breaker instructions and took the necessary precautionary measures - such as face mask, gloves and hand sanitizers to avoid any possibility of infection in this Pandemic situation. On reaching the site, the engineers attended to the problem on a war footing and resolved it by replacing the alternator. The vehicle was released after necessary checks and trials.

The Maintenance Manager, Mr. Sundar Singh at CJ DARCL Logistics expressed his heartfelt thanks for the timely support and the efficiency of the two engineers which ultimately helped them reach the destination on time.

The West Bengal Fire and Emergency Service

They use a Volvo FM 390 with a Bronto Skylift. This special vehicle is an integral part of the city’s safety equipment and is based in the heart of the city of Kolkata in a famous area called New Market.

The vehicle developed some issues during the lockdown period and the Service Team consisting of Dipak and Subrata reached the spot at 11:00 hrs and attended the vehicle, maintaining all mandatory precautions and rectified the problem by 12:30 hrs.

Mr. Saroj Bag the OIC HQ [officer in charge] was impressed with the speedy response despite the lockdown situation. He appreciated the team for resolving the issue in under 3 hours. He said that this type of response and service can only be rendered by Volvo team. He was also happy that no emergency calls came during the breakdown period.

Sandhu Logistics Pvt. Ltd

Is an on-road customer based out of Jamshedpur. The customer was delivering a load from Usha Martin in Ranchi to the Kolkata port. The vehicle developed an issue and the driver managed to reach Uluberia, approx. 22kms from the Volvo Howrah workshop.

On receiving the call, Sr. Technician Sanjib Sana managed to reach the vehicle on his own at 7:00hrs, taking all mandatory precautions Sanjib attended the vehicle and quickly diagnosed and understood that it is not possible to rectify the fault at that location. He managed to disconnect the trailer and brought the horse to the workshop. The faults were rectified by 11:30hrs and vehicle released.

The customer was very happy that Sanjib had reached early in the morning because of which he was able to drop the load at Kolkata Port, and later rush to Haldia Port on the same day to pick up a return load to Jamshedpur. He was able to meet his deadlines, due to the timely support

When it comes to safety, we don’t stop

Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Limited (ISPRL) is an Indian company responsible for maintaining the country’s strategic petroleum reserves. ISPRL maintains an emergency fuel store of strategic crude oil at three underground locations in Mangalore, Visakhapatnam and Padur (Udupi, Karnataka). We received a call from them.

Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL), is an oil refinery located at Katipalla, north from centre of Mangalore city. It is the only refinery in India to have two CCRs producing unleaded petrol of high octane. Currently, the refinery is processing about 14.65 million tonnes of crude per year Volvo Trucks are operating on these sites as special application vehicles operating the fire tenders. The VAS team at Hosakote got a call seeking help to set right the vehicles.

Amid the ongoing lockdown, the job of getting to another district from Bangalore was a huge challenge. It involved getting the required permissions from police and district administration for inter and intra district movement.

Collecting print outs of PO, transit permission letter and health declaration format. Reaching the employees to fill up the self-declaration, securing permission for internal movement (within the locality) and arranging food and basic amenities while travelling and during stay. Two of our technicians Mr. Lingaraju (Technician) and Mr. Ananth Kumar (VAS vehicle operator) left to Mangalore and Udupi to attend the break down trucks on 19th of April 2020. The team had to go through close to 30 security checks within the stretch of 400 km.

They carried enough food, water and bedding for the journey. The team was equipped with washing soaps, sanitizers, gloves and goggles. The team reported at MRPL, Mangalore by 17:30Hrs inspected the trucks and handed over the necessary parts for repairs. The team left to Udupi from Mangalore and reached ISPRL, Padur, Udupi site by 19:30Hrs. The team at any cost had to reach ISPRL, Udupi site before 20:00Hrs on the same day since the belongings, vehicle and individuals had to be sanitized before permitting them to the site.

On arrival at the site the team members along with the VAS vehicle and belongings were fully sanitized and allowed to guest house. The job of replacing the clutch was initiated on the next day. It was observed that the clutch plate was subject to slip which had damaged the pressure plate and flywheel as well. The pressure plate and clutch plate was replaced. The flywheel was subject to minor surface heating. The flywheel had to be taken to a machine shop for machining, with the support of customer the flywheel was machined and installed back to the truck, simultaneously the annual service of the truck was carried out.

The team returned back safely to Hosakote post accomplishing the assigned tasks on the 23rd April, 2020

Dilip Buildcon Ltd.,

No matter where you are, we at Volvo Trucks are always there to help ensure that you are on the move. We realized the extent of how our service technicians walk the talk when it comes to uptime. World over the Covid-19 has hit each one of us in varying degrees. With ongoing lockdown and movement restrictions getting to help customers is a mammoth task.

“We are delighted and appreciate the efforts of these two technicians during these difficult times and helped achieve over 95% of our monthly OB removal target of April, 2020.” : Mr. Ramashish Chatterjee, Project Manager, DBL - Jayant

During these trying times, it is heartwarming to share the story of two heroes from Singrauli-2, Mr. Anichhur Rahaman & Mr. Arup Mondal. The two technicians are stationed at the Dilip Buildcon Limited site. A fleet of Volvo FMX 440 & FMX 460 trucks are used for transportation of overburden. The operation was essential in coal production for electricity generation.

They have 113 Volvo trucks in their fleet and with the lockdown in effect our services were disrupted. Prior to the lockdown, we had 14 service technicians to look after the fleet. With the new norms of social distancing and restricted movement, the two technicians Anichhur Rahaman and Arup Mondal took over the responsibilities of the entire team ensuring 92% uptime. (during 20 March – 11 April, 2020).

They are an inspiration for the rest of the team.